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Synonyms for decorative

Synonyms for decorative

serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose

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87 million) of investment, which has transformed the property, both structurally and decoratively.
Brandied Chocolate Tiffin Tray Bake: A lavish chocolate tiffin, packed full of cranberries, raisins and hazelnuts, and finished with a fine and decoratively spun dark chocolate.
I also do custom paintings which means that people can ask me to draw a particular topic and I will draw it either realistically or decoratively.
Four altars were decoratively and artistically arranged in the church grounds by organisations and willing volunteers.
Own your Product Line a Retrofitting System for hanging and decoratively covering sprinkler systems.
Calvin had two dressing rooms - the main one being decoratively scented with purple passion fruit and mango candles.
We very much hope those up for auction will go to homes where they will be appreciated decoratively or to a private collector who will enjoy them too.
A wooden front door leads to an inner vestibule with a decorative leaded window to side and panelled wooden door into the living room This front reception room has laminate flooring, decoratively leaded windows, a feature fire surround incorporating wooden framed mantel and tiled backing and hearth.
Decoratively embellished, the Barbbie is a pump packed with shiny gems and the Conncord maxes out the glitzy trend, combining all-over embellishment with prints in a slip-on loafer.
LDI, which has designed a coated furniture upholstery fabric that is made with more sustainable and eco-friendly materials, has developed a manufacturing process to decoratively print this fabric with eco-friendly inks and using a low-energy consumption process.
For the main Illuminated People stays true to that do-it-yourself doctrine with an album decoratively obtuse and pleasingly experimental, without losing its sense of melodic intent.
The Foxhunters had been refurbished not only decoratively but with a new quiz-master.
It examines different materials used decoratively and their development, application in construction, performance, properties, and how they do and do not differ from non-decorative versions of the same or similar material.
At times this effect is rendered decoratively by laser, while at other times it is structurally part of the actual furniture.
James' pieces, despite being decoratively pretty, show a superficial view of the idea of 'glamor' in Egypt; a flat concept that has been replicated by numerous artists to death.