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  • verb

Synonyms for decorate

pin a medal on


  • pin a medal on
  • give a medal to
  • cite
  • confer an honour on or upon

Synonyms for decorate

to furnish with decorations

Synonyms for decorate

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Attitudes about why people decorate their homes are also included as well as profiles of five different personalities of decorators and their preferences.
Decorate as desired with assorted colored frostings, drizzles and candies.
The marketplace is beginning to look stale, and the time is right for some new directions, new colors and themes, and ways to decorate the home to address the resurgence in home entertaining.
When placing finished cake out on a table for the reception, decorate with small green grapes (real or faux) that have been dusted with powdered sugar.
Acrobot 1000 microprocessor-controlled machine, which has an optional self-learning programming capability for customized shapes, can decorate all sides in a single pass while providing precision accuracy and repeatability.
Manufactures pad-transfer printing and screen-printing equipment to decorate where shape or configuration of the product creates problems.
Daisy is using a copyright camouflage design of Mossy Oak's to decorate the stock and forearm of the air rifle.
Bake the cake a day in advance - and even make and refrigerate the icing, but frost and decorate the cake within a couple of hours of serving (and refrigerate) for the best, freshest looks.
The SR3000 can process 40-60 parts/min and can decorate a variety of product shapes with diam.
Use a cookie cutter (to tie in with the party theme) pressed into the cake frosting (then removed) for a stencil - and then fill in (or outline) with candies or colored icings piped on with a star tip and decorate with plastic toys or other items, suggests Siler, adding that it not only looks pretty but is simple to do.
roller with the ability to decorate 360|degrees~ on cylindrical parts in one step.
Disney Color offers a safe, simple and fun way to decorate children's rooms.
I love my room, and I really like outer space, but I wouldn't have been able to decorate like this if it weren't for my aunt (who works for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Canada Flintridge) because she gets me all these posters and space and planet information that are on the ceiling,'' says Inman.
Company's five standard semi-automatic screen-printer models decorate objects which range in size and shape from vials, bottles, and diskettes to 5-gal pails and large control panels.
23 is how to decorate an apartment for under $500 - and in prepping for it, she's become an expert at how to stretch a dollar and a can of paint.