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However, if the landlord does even modest MCI's to the building, the rent will be bumped above the threshold and the apartment can be decontrolled.
Mukherjee said that the Central Government had listed petrol as a decontrolled item and had no control over the prices of the commodity, whereas the price of diesel was kept in check, as it was a controlled item.
In contrast to all rent-regulated tenants, no tenant who came to live in an apartment that had been decontrolled would be able to enjoy "the value of a secure and familiar home.
Developers who built apartments after the war thinking they would be decontrolled, had the rug pulled out from under them in 1969, when New York City stabilized all apartments retroactively.
The Central Government has recently decontrolled the sugar sector partially, by removing the levy obligation on sugar mills and doing away with the regulated release mechanism on open market sale of sugar.
There are presently four decontrolled apartments being leased, with the final lease expiring on April 30, 2014.
This also includes the sale of decontrolled fertilisers with concession to farmers.
Then airlines were decontrolled and the telephone dynasty was broken up with open access for local and long distance carriers.
In November 1994 prices of controlled drugs, but not the decontrolled category, were permitted a 7.
As regards decontrolled fertilizers, availability of DAP and MOP during the month of May 2012 had been about 11.
21, 1981, President Reagan decontrolled the price of crude oil and prices fell to a low of $9/barrel by the late 1980s.
Presently, 1527 York contains one retail space and four decontrolled residential units, 1529-1531 contains three retail spaces and ten apartments.
The Natural Energy Policy Act of 1992 opened the electric industry into the "open access" or decontrolled markets for wholesale sales of electricity.
In November 1994, prices of controlled drugs, but not the decontrolled category, were permitted a 7.
In a sale that will enable it to house medical staff and students in close proximity to its inpatient hospital facility, SKI Realty, an affiliate of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, has acquired a fig-unit, fully decontrolled apartment building located at 425 E.