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Further, once you do evolve such a system it would only ensure that diesel fuel price is never decontrolled.
Although the value of previously controlled units rose by proportionally more than the value of never-controlled units, the never-controlled units were both more numerous and more desirable than the decontrolled units.
Mukherjee said that the Central Government had listed petrol as a decontrolled item and had no control over the prices of the commodity, whereas the price of diesel was kept in check, as it was a controlled item.
In June 2010, GoI decontrolled petrol prices and increased prices of diesel, superior kerosene oil (SKO) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
In contrast to all rent-regulated tenants, no tenant who came to live in an apartment that had been decontrolled would be able to enjoy "the value of a secure and familiar home.
For example, when President Carter decontrolled the price of oil in June 1979, raising its price sharply, his action was subject to a resolution of disapproval, in effect a congressional veto.
it was explicitly stated that for decontrolled category of drugs there would be no price control but in actual practice the governments have not given the relaxation and continue to determine the quantum of price increase for both category of drugs.
At a recent meeting it was agreed that the coffee industry must be decontrolled starting with the 1993/94 crop.
Appendix I lists the coordinated issues by industry that are being decontrolled and those that still remain viable industry issues.
Developers who built apartments after the war thinking they would be decontrolled, had the rug pulled out from under them in 1969, when New York City stabilized all apartments retroactively.
The building has been beautifully re-done from top to bottom and, with uncertainly in rent stabilization laws, this was a great buy because it's almost all decontrolled and has its air rights intact for future development, said Graff, noting that the new owners plan a long-term hold of the property maintained as a rental.
This also includes the sale of decontrolled fertilisers with concession to farmers.
As regards decontrolled fertilizers, availability of DAP and MOP during the month of May 2012 had been about 11.
When petrol was decontrolled, it was decided that the government can step in any time if public interest is at stake," said the official on condition of anonymity.
Then airlines were decontrolled and the telephone dynasty was broken up with open access for local and long distance carriers.