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relax or remove controls of

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If the tenant takes straight pay without manipulation, the tenant whose rent is $2,700/month or more, shows federal adjusted gross income of $210,000 and therefore faces the possibility of High Income Decontrol.
It is high time decontrol of the levy system and the release quota is expedited, followed by substantial decontrol of international trade," says Shantanu Deb Mookerjea, executive director, LSI Financial Services, a boutique investment banking firm.
Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos last Friday brought no resolution to the debate, though landlords are said to be willing to raise decontrol thresholds if their right to deregulate apartments once they become vacant remains intact.
With decontrol, the pipelines became strictly transporters and had to "unbundle" all the other services they offered.
39) Indeed, vacancy decontrol was at the top of the list of "first steps" towards full decontrol that The New York Times, a leading voice of rent deregulation, urged in December 1996 in the first of several anti-regulation editorials.
Al from the great SS Decontrol sent us some SSD shirts (same ones that Krist Novoselic used to wear, yeah segue) and is playing bass on a new project called Gage, filled with Seattle-isms and East-coast-isms and Pegboy-isms for good measure.
Los resultados del tercer trimestre estuvieron a la altura de los pronosticos y reflejaron un alza en los ingresos por concepto de cuotas y medidas efectivas decontrol de costos.
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Tuesday it will decontrol the transfer of money to Afghanistan, effective Friday, as a result of last Saturday's establishment of the interim government there.
While the so-called ''third sector'' of insurance will be fully liberalized in July, Uemura said at a press conference that the decontrol will open the way for nonlife insurers to enter the cancer and medical treatment insurance markets in addition to their conventional property and casualty insurance.
In a meeting with Japanese telecom minister Toranosuke Katayama, Lamy called for measures to promote competition and decontrol on the telecom market, the officials said.
The sluggishness of decontrol in this area is traceable to the rich history of U.
While there is a continual reaffirmarion that capital decontrol for all IMF members remains the long-term goal, there is rising anxiety that the polarizing distribution of income and wealth accompanying the free market globalization is threatening the effort.
The impact of this news is greatly diminished by the fact that on September 16, 1999, the US Government announced significant decontrol of exports of cryptographic technology.
Changes include raising the consumer price index - used to calculate rent increases - from 75 percent to 100 percent, using the previous year's rent instead of the current 1986 base rent to calculate increases and vacancy decontrol or some form of reasonable adjustment for rents when a coach is sold.
men do not dance"), a tour de force of physical decontrol for Kline, who gives a tightly wound and--under the circumstances--creditably restrained performance.