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Synonyms for decontaminate

Synonyms for decontaminate

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for decontaminate

rid of contamination

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The editors (of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Naval Surface Warfare Center) present 14 papers describing research efforts in developing new polymers and materials that can be used for detectors and decontaminators of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive threats.
Therefore, many Reservists wishing to remain in the Militia would have to join a combat service support unit where they could become bath attendants, decontaminators or become responsible for delivering mail.
Agreements for automated endoscopic repressors, EtO and steam sterilizers, gas plasma sterilization, and washers and decontaminators were awarded to:
Premier Purchasing Partners, LP, today announced an additional SEEDS[TM] agreement for washers and decontaminators has been awarded to Midbrook of Jackson, Mich.
Announcement of competition: Buying Decontaminators Peer Gynt Helsehus- Moss Municipality.
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