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the removal of contaminants

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One of the premises of the WAK / HDB is the devices decontamination system.
Continuing with the mechanized infantry company as an example, a chemical decontamination platoon would need to fill both of its 3,000-gallon water storage blivets and receive a resupply from a 2,000-gallon Load-Handling System Compatible Water Tank Rack (Hippo) to meet the company's water needs for DED.
The experts will be provided with local radiation data, tour disaster-hit areas and support Fukushima's compilation of radiation maps, and radioactive decontamination and waste disposal efforts under the IAEA's three-year agreement with the prefecture, the official said.
Inventors Tri-Air Developments believe this is 100 times more effective than current methods of decontamination.
Differences in conducting decontamination operations in a DSCA environment versus a traditional wartime environment.
Receiving the patent means the university has secured the intellectual property protection for the decontamination wipe's technology, said David Miller, vice chancellor of Texas Tech University System's Office of Technology Commercialization.
The Royal says it will continue to work in partnership with other NHS organisations to look at the future of decontamination services for theatre instruments.
This article, sponsored by the Joint Requirements Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense (JRO CBRND), focuses on two perspectives of the DOD decontamination mission for planning considerations: the differences between decontamination conducted in a DSCA environment and that done by DOD units in their traditional wartime role.
Once agents are identified, decontamination of affected areas, including buildings, equipment and terrain, may be required, followed by removal of the decontamination waste.
The industry's first dry decontamination system for PET preforms is targeted for extended-shelf-life (ESL) products like dairy beverages and fruit juices.
DOE has compensated USEC for its decontamination costs in several ways, including using proceeds from sales of government-owned clean uranium.
The 25 chapters are divided into 4 sections: 1) Preparation and Military Support for a Possible Bioterrorism Incident, 2) Medical Countermeasures and Decontamination, 3) Emerging Threats and Future Preparation, and 4) Diagnostic Development for Biowarfare Agents.
Biological decontamination, which could be aimed at a lethal agent such as anthrax, involves placing the aircraft in an inflatable hanger and exposing it to vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
is the first recipient of the CASPOD package which includes chemical detectors, sensors, protective masks and suits, computer systems, a medical network and software for medical surveillance, and decontamination shelters.
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