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Synonyms for decontaminate

Synonyms for decontaminate

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for decontaminate

rid of contamination

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Once finished, they were decontaminated by firefighters and given a full check over by ambulance staff as a precaution.
Researchers found that patients admitted to rooms decontaminated using the automated technology were 64% less likely to acquire MDROs compared to patients admitted to rooms disinfected using conventional methods, such as mopping with bleaching agents.
Their bodies had to be decontaminated because radiation has been spewing from the plant over the past three weeks.
The two men who inhaled the gas were given oxygen and decontaminated at the scene, and later taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up.
As of February 28, 2006, USEC reported that about 10 percent of the contaminated uranium that DOE transferred to the corporation prior to privatization remains to be decontaminated, or about 960 metric tons of the 9,550 contaminated metric tons transferred.
A 12' x 12' area can typically be decontaminated in approximately 24 hours and multiple units can be used for larger areas.
Once letters had been decontaminated, some sort of certification had to be noted on them.
This does not include reimbursement for facilities that are closed, evacuated, destroyed or decontaminated if there is a reasonable belief that there is harm to the public.
The world was to be decontaminated of every last trace of Islamic fundamentalism.
All litters must be decontaminated after each use with a 5 percent chlorine solution.
He called for help and was taken to a local hospital, decontaminated and tested for various chemicals and germs.
Officers, residents of the house and three youths had to be decontaminated after the attack.
Twenty people who came into contact with the powder - a dehydrated energy drink - were decontaminated.
A company in New Jersey decontaminated a uranium factory by exploiting the ability of sunflowers to absorb and store radioactive material.
He added: "It seems short-sighted that the area has only been decontaminated for the Dome.