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Synonyms for decontaminate

Synonyms for decontaminate

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for decontaminate

rid of contamination

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The cotton composite takes liquid up very quickly and can adsorb vapors more efficiently than the powdered decontaminant.
Existing shelter, collective protection, and decontaminant delivery technologies are being matured and integrated in new ways to provide simultaneous internal and external decontamination of the aircraft.
Survival on plates that did not receive an application of malathion or a decontaminant was not different from plates that received only a xylene application (0.
Eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontaminant.
Gruinard, an island off the north west coast of Scotland, was sealed off for 48 years after hosting military bioweapons trials involving anthrax in 1942, and declared safe in 1990 after being soaked in a decontaminant.
DRNAse FREE is a nonabrasive, nontoxic, surface decontaminant that is specially formulated to eliminate RNase and DNase from laboratory glassware, plastics, stainless steel, and any other lab surface.
Its adverse effects are clear, but its performance as a gastric decontaminant is "poor" and "unreliable.
Safetec also introduces SaniWash[TM], a moisture-rich handsoap with aloe vera and gentle cleansers to clean hands without over drying or irritating the skin, and SaniZide Plus[TM], a one-step, ready-to-use hospital-grade disinfectant, decontaminant, cleaner, and deodorizer.
But last August, a research team led by Fischetti discovered a versatile anthrax-killing agent that could be used as medicine, as a surface decontaminant, and as a spore detector.
The product line, known as Reactive Skin Decontaminant Lotion (RSDL), is initially aimed at the defense sector market.
Tenders are invited for procurement and rate contracting of medical equipment for government medical colleges and hospitals in bihar-enviornment decontaminant system
It has been developed as a highly effective decontaminant and processing aid, it is safe to use and does not carry over into the food chain.
The three-step method has applications for an important commercial segment that needs testing and evaluation of decontaminant, sporicidal and sterilant agents for defense, food processing and medical applications, as well as for bactericidal soaps, lotions, cleaners, paints and many other products for household and commercial use that can involve microbicidal activity," said Sagripanti.
The Army is no longer going to decon with DS2, the decontaminant used with the M11 and Ml3 decon systems.