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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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The only hard part is choosing what to Deconstruct next
Borrowing the concept of "polycentrism" from Walter Laqueur and Samir Amin, and employing poststructuralism, postmodernism, postcolonial theory, and feminism, Hogue deconstructs the white/black binary and its naturalizing logic, and astutely shows how the dyad has been kept in place--through different, though similar mechanisms across cultures and within their own idioms.
The problem with this game, Zoza would imply, is that it does not go far enough in its cynical social critique that deconstructs without offering any other alternative.
Moreover, it may be an inappropriate model for a reintegrative Jewish-Christian theology that deconstructs Jewish identity without abandoning Jewish subjectivity.
36 [degrees] deconstructs the conventional notion of walls as fixed, orthogonal barriers.
In this context, however, Hard to Imagine is a welcome antidote to academic theory that too often deconstructs sexuality without ever exploring sex.
Using only minimal information provided by parents about their child, BeNetSafe searches for and effectively deconstructs "profile pages" and delivers easy-to-read reports to parents outlining their child's online information directly to their inbox via email or a secure Web page.
Shahzia Sikander, born in Pakistan but currently living and working in the United States, deconstructs an Indo-Persian tradition to which she remains attached.
Smith Goes to Washington", aptly characterized as a "fantasy movie", to a sophisticated examination of hate, fear, and the desire prey upon the weak, to the role of identification in victimization--with those who victimize others placing themselves in the role of the powerful oppressor and the victim in the role of their powerless selves --Attack on Government deconstructs popular opinions in a quest for the underlying and often unconscious emotional motives behind their forceful display.
Jones, African American women writers of the Harlem Renaissance such as Jessie Fauset, Zora Neale Hurston, and Dorothy West must be read in terms of a "triangular configuration of aesthetics" that deconstructs the "tripartite division of folk, bourgeois, and proletarian aesthetics.
She deconstructs the word itself - ``It sounds like an infection at best'' - and quotes a woman reticent to discuss her own: ``You just know it's there, like the cellar.
This annual compendium deconstructs cable investments, funding trends, operating costs and stock market charts for cable MSOs; provides details on private market valuations, PMV comparisons and public trading multiples; and compares debt and churn reduction with the cost of advances in set-tops (HDTV and DVR), rollouts of Hi-Def tiers and services, on-demand services, telephony and home networking.
Among these are Jane Gaines's Fire & Desire, which provides a more theoretical approach to reading Micheaux while formulating a theory of race movies, and Ron Green's Straight Lick, which deconstructs Micheaux's filmmaking style and technique.
Butts deconstructs the idea of pastoral innocence so that the city and its sin flood the reader, as in "Small Atrocities" where, for "an orphaned child," the "night comes on like an apocalypse / of solace, the evident ease of shadows / taking him in like a relative, his eyes / edging away.
Today, Greenpeace's work deconstructs the idea of "progress" as the exploitation and domination of nature, ad infinitum, and they believe the earth must be preserved.