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a school of architecture based on the philosophical theory of deconstruction

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We have never had access to the type of technology that you do in more developed countries, so we missed certain movements like deconstructivism and the more recent focus on digital technologies.
In obedience to its somewhat eccentric reading of Deconstructivism, DSR has depressed and slanted the plaza of Alice Tully Hall and accessed it by steep steps.
This proposal is not as radical as it might sound, however; even historical criticism might read this way, not merely postmodern deconstructivism.
26) Critics continue to place Hadid's work within the context of deconstructivism, because her challenging buildings seem to critique modern forms and attitudes.
based documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, is an alternately stirring and dispiriting film, as jangled and self-cancelling as the filmmaker's name, which feels like a pun about adhesion and tenacity that gives way to and then cancels out the violent deconstructivism of his surname.
If I were pressed to define his poetry in one sentence, I would call it "linguistic deconstructivism with an existentialist edge.
But Picasso still belonged to the realm of the classics, his deconstructivism still tributary to Cezanne and Greek sculpture, and Duchamp didn't exactly come across as the ultimate bad-boy of art.
This book foreshadowed, and in many ways predicted, the deconstructivism of Fish and Rorty.
In one, Father Owen Lee, well known to readers as an author, lecturer and commentator on opera, lays out his own view in no uncertain terms, attributing the blame for what he sees as the worst excesses at the door of the contemporary critical school of deconstructivism.
In an age of post-modern deconstructivism, they offer a refreshing fussiness, for people who want just a touch of the mystical.