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a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

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Establishment of a station and technical equipment, demolition / deconstruction of the old station building.
The completed early works and deconstruction works are the first in a series of preparations for the new Al Rayyan stadium, one of the proposed host venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, the SC said in a statement.
The Deconstruction is a live streamed global event and game about re-thinking objects and ideas.
He examines the strategy of reconstruction instigated by Derrida, the reception of Derrida's thought, his partial exit from phenomenology, deconstruction and what has been called the "Gay Science of Indeterminacy," passages and departures toward the other, the deconstruction of the "fraternal other" and "the original valley of the other," the gifts and politics as well as the ethics of responsibility of the other, violence toward the other in terms of religion and forgiveness, and the ends of Man and self- reflexivity.
Where Nancy's question envisages deconstruction or critique as a moving beyond the subject ("who comes after?
Thereafter, deconstruction work of the flats was sequentially completed floor by floor using MGL Demolition's Liebherr 954 highreach machine.
Green Energy Renewable Solutions is a developer and operator of municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste deconstruction and recycling facilities.
Deconstruction will be available throughout the brewery's ten state distribution region in 750 mL cork and cage finished bottles.
Though grateful to Derrida for his teaching, in retracing the intersections between dialectic, destruction and deconstruction, Malabou thinks that in our global era it is time to replace writing with plasticity.
Members of the committee will be asked to come up with three options for using the site through "adaptive reuse," or deconstruction.
Under the plan, every surface of the building will be cleaned and inspected from the top down using a four-floor "buffer zone" between the clean floors and deconstruction areas (similar to that of 130 Liberty Street).
has conducted a deconstruction pilot project to determine cost-effective methods to remove lumber and other materials from a Neighborhood Transformation Initiative abandoned house.
Deconstruction does involve more labor than demolition, but it also avoids costly disposal fees and, in some areas, environmental and health-impact fees.
We thought that the binary interdiscipline of biblical theology would be suffocating without deconstruction to cut it open.