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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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Donner - author of the classic BNA Books' treatise Patent Prosecution: Law, Practice, and Procedure - has now written the seminal guide on the subject: Constructing and Deconstructing Patents.
It's a really interesting development," said Tim Young, host of Deconstructing Comics.
That question resonates throughout Deconstructing Tyrone, an engrossing collaboration between two urbane, thirtysomething journalists.
In almost all of Hadid's drawings the act of constructing and deconstructing perspective becomes the equivalent of constructing and deconstructing architecture.
Throughout my reading of this book, I had to constantly keep the phrase "in the way of wisdom" in the back of my head, or I would get lost in the academic methodology for deconstructing and then reconstructing a methodology for biblical interpretation.
This is the homespun cousin of structural postmodernism, showing both the artifice and the strategy pulling back the curtain of illusion to share the deception, speaking from both sides of the mouth, simultaneously constructing and deconstructing the fiction.
Deconstructing official statistics and reports as well as peasant petitions to the land settlement commission, many of which are housed in central Russian archives, Pallot challenges the traditional dichotomy that interpreters of the reforms have drawn to distinguish the separators from the non-separators, i.
It is a densely written look into the cultural and psychological depths of Shakespeare's tragedies, deconstructing the patriarchal discourse of the plays and finding in successive layers of imagery and cultural reference the echoes of the suppressed feminine that "resonate" or "reverberate" behind its cultural affirmations.
Taking that natural thing, deconstructing it, and representing it through very constructive means is kind of parallel to the idea of representational sexuality.
With his talent for deconstructing hip-hop's intricacies while filtering it through a postmodern dance language, he crafts something both timeless in its revelations of the human spirit and utterly new in its physicality.
If Johnson appears willing to exploit his "marked man" status, it is not surprising that Middle Passage exhibits its own difference by refiguring the complex "system of marks" and deconstructing their ostensible signifiers.
Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar to update your knowledge of best practices for deconstructing and re-characterizing SPV's in bankruptcy in today's economy.
Often times a client's request is to create a light and airy space, but when there are no or limited windows to work with, our job as designers is to produce innovative alternatives to give the feel of "light and airy" without deconstructing the building structure.
In addition to deconstructing the sources of Freud's views on humanity, Freud & Tragedy also honors Freud as a literary author in his own right.
Deconstructing the King of Pop is nothing new, but Jefferson's treatment--which, gratefully, isn't mired in congratulatory revelation--is refreshing because she unites the many fragments of a cohesive whole.