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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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Deconstructing the Shape pictures the artist's purely geometrical pieces that have been predominant in Qadry's work for over a decade, that evolve into large horizontal canvases covered in expressionist formulations that cannot yet abandon the logic of geometry and shapes, which are merged into the former.
We are living in insane times right now and I am deconstructing moral pillars such as superstition, shame, right and wrong, love and hate, good and bad to understand why this is happening and where it originates from.
Deconstructing Zionism is dedicated to Jacques Derrida.
It's a really interesting development," said Tim Young, host of Deconstructing Comics.
Deconstructing Dinner is predominantly broadcast across Canada but does appear on a few radio stations around the world.
As a result, equity investors, mezzanine players, and even acquisition and construction lenders will have to make decisions to protect their positions, which may include replacing their developers, repositioning assets to make them more competitive, or even deconstructing poorly performing condominiums.
Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip-Hop Generation by Natalie Hopkinson and Natalie Y.
It is organizes its question about God in terms of scripture--by way of a Pauline argument for weakness, through a friendly reading of the Gen 1 creation from chaos as a means of deconstructing classical omnipotence; and then several chapters arranged around gospel stories.
Nonetheless, Truth, Torture and the American Way is well documented with twenty cases and a variety of torture techniques, highly informative in its historical approach, and has the virtue of deconstructing an otherwise accepted myth that survives on criminalizing few scapegoats.
was preparing for battle against the two racist regimes of Germany and Japan and still denying its own government-sanctioned apartheid, Barzun (1937/1963) was at work deconstructing the very notion of race.
Deconstructing Apartheid: The Photography of Peter Magubane'' marks the 10th anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa.
The topological fold--for James, a sort of upgraded analytical cubism--is also a means of deconstructing a received picture of the world in order to elaborate approaches equal to the conditions under which the artist lives and works.
They won't expect whimsical tunes about mustaches or songs deconstructing the indie rock audience like opening track "The Good Punk" does with the lyrics: "This ain't punk rock enough for my ears.
By deconstructing the physical space of fire theater, Jasperse upset this power.
Throughout my reading of this book, I had to constantly keep the phrase "in the way of wisdom" in the back of my head, or I would get lost in the academic methodology for deconstructing and then reconstructing a methodology for biblical interpretation.