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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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com/prnh/20141103/156324 Utilized by songwriters, producers and music industry professionals, Hit Songs Deconstructed is a website and publication dedicated to providing an in-depth understanding of the craft and trends that are shaping today's chart-topping hits.
Latitude 48 is nice balanced IPA," concluded Gregg Glaser, "but I think some of the Deconstructed variations are even better than the final blend.
This has been highlighted by the demolition of Kuwait's Airport Bridge , which has been retired and is being deconstructed after only 34 years of service, even though its 13 spans are still fit for re-use.
It will undoubtedly continue to be interpreted, analyzed and deconstructed.
For contemporary cultural critics, photographs of the male and female body are considered socially constructed texts to be read and deconstructed.
From its meretricious cover to its deconstructed conclusion, this study demonstra tes how an arbitrary cipher can mean anything you want it to, or nothing at all.
What joins these strange, disparate episodes is a contrasting axis of youthful curiosity and grownup cruelty, punctuated by a deconstructed Edenic idyll in which a black Adam and a white Eve play out the fall of man to a potently contemporary finish.
Latitude 48 Deconstructed has been brewed, and it will be released May 1st.
Since 2006, the NCC has deconstructed over 55,000 square feet of buildings while training 564 students and certifying 21 deconstruction technicians.
Twelve buildings have been deconstructed, diverting 2,119 tons of building materials from landfills, and 150 youths were trained.
The building will be deconstructed in phases with interior work beginning in mid-November, followed by exterior walls and building demolition in January 2007.
This is the first step of a long and involved process that will unfold over several years before Matilija Dam has been deconstructed,'' said Rep.
Blog' is both short for weblog, whence, via the deconstructed 'we blog,' we get the verb to 'blog'.