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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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In his latest exhibition in Dubai, "Never but Always", Duncan has combined his diverse influences, experiences and interests to create artworks that reflect the current chaos in the world and deconstruct the core values and systems on which our society is built, to ask important questions.
Hence editors Vattimo and Marder assert that to deconstruct Zionism is to
The developed by Deconstruct automated mobile display advertising system, that targets mobile publishers, enables the management of ad sales and the offering of ad inventory via a self-service interface.
Deconstruct and reinvent academic and administrative processes and business models, penetrating functional and departmental silos.
And it is "Barn Burning," a short story by William Faulkner (1939/1977), to which we turn for our extended example of using literature to deconstruct Whiteness.
By anchoring his focus on African American men's texts, he explores, disrupts, and deconstructs the "white/black binary of signification that defines whites as normative and superior and that represents blacks as victim, as inferior, as devalued Other, or, since the 1960s, as the Same as whites.
Perkin Warbeck is shown to deconstruct the Tudor myth while critiquing a generation of Stuart rule.
Preliminary studies by Falk show at least 200 of the 1,400 buildings are candidates for deconstruction, and another 900 have the potential to be deconstructed after the Army does a characterization survey to determine which are so contaminated that they need to be burned and which are clean enough to either demolish or deconstruct.
In other words, when you receive criticisms, deconstruct them, take out the substantive parts and use the pieces of information that you gain in building up the industry.
This book seeks to not only deconstruct and challenge, as Schussler Fiorenza states, the "male-stream" of biblical interpretation but to then also give a method of reading and interpreting biblical texts that is liberating not only for women but also for those marginalized throughout the world.
The very attempt to deconstruct presidents as the sum of separate parts, which has become all too common in evaluations of presidential performance, obscures more than it reveals about presidential leadership.
The American Banker declared that banks "will have to deconstruct and reconstruct their value chain.
2 million (US$2 million) has been presented to Deconstruct UK.
Chapters explore step-by-step how to discover one's personal triggers for panic, including thoughts, physical habits, and emotional traps, and deconstruct them.
0, which operates optimally on tablet and other pen-enabled computing systems, boasts electronic note delivery, interactive two-way communication, and the ability to deconstruct and then replay teachers' lessons.