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interpret (a text or an artwork) by the method of deconstructing

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Deconstruct and reinvent academic and administrative processes and business models, penetrating functional and departmental silos.
And it is "Barn Burning," a short story by William Faulkner (1939/1977), to which we turn for our extended example of using literature to deconstruct Whiteness.
By anchoring his focus on African American men's texts, he explores, disrupts, and deconstructs the "white/black binary of signification that defines whites as normative and superior and that represents blacks as victim, as inferior, as devalued Other, or, since the 1960s, as the Same as whites.
For example, is this industry ready to shift gears when the country ultimately runs out of World-War-II-era buildings to deconstruct and we have to switch focus to buildings constructed with more modern materials?
He seems to be capable of juggling multiple identities on the surface while retaining a sound core of personal and academic integrity (I hope he will forgive this attempt at friendly analysis from this distance); and these characteristics stand him in good stead as the sort of historian who can deconstruct and dismantle without making the whole enterprise seem dispiritingly meaningless, alert as he is to shape-shifting and the power of different angles of vision to seem to alter the nature of what is perceived.
The very attempt to deconstruct presidents as the sum of separate parts, which has become all too common in evaluations of presidential performance, obscures more than it reveals about presidential leadership.
2 million (US$2 million) has been presented to Deconstruct UK.
announced today that it has acquired Deconstruct Media, Inc.
Chapters explore step-by-step how to discover one's personal triggers for panic, including thoughts, physical habits, and emotional traps, and deconstruct them.
0, which operates optimally on tablet and other pen-enabled computing systems, boasts electronic note delivery, interactive two-way communication, and the ability to deconstruct and then replay teachers' lessons.
Jewish critics reject efforts to deconstruct essential conceptions of Jewish culture as contributing to the erosion of Jewish continuity and stability, while feminist critics question the attempt to deny female subjectivity at a time when women are finally asserting themselves.
Photographed in brilliant black and white by Nova Scotia filmmaker Chuck Clark, A Granellian Encounter is an innovative, impressive slice of Maritime cinematic cubism, a tone poem about two sprawling musical forms which, like their practitioners, attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct themselves at the same time.
The 10 questions most asked by bankruptcy lawyers about how to deconstruct and re-characterize SPVs in bankruptcy, and how their clients will benefit from this practice
This equips litigators and patent attorneys and agents to deconstruct the major elements of a patent, assessing its strengths and weaknesses.
Given the expense of unbundling the institutional functions related to administration and institutional support services, plus the pressures to deconstruct the functions related to instruction it becomes clear that not every college and university can afford to create or develop these services on their own.