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He recalled that these principles (autonomy, deconcentration and decentralization) are embodied in the Constitution of the Republic, lacking "the legal and constitutional challenge of what to do, how to do, when to ensure that legislative production and actions are scheduled in an orderly and phased manner ".
Deconcentration is primarily different from decentralization because of the function of the Central Government.
8) Although the expansion of voucher use nationally has been tied to the idea of poverty deconcentration, studies have shown that voucher programs frequently perpetuate the poverty and racial concentration they are intended to challenge.
According to the constitutional act, the public administration is working on decentralization principles, local autonomy and public service deconcentration.
3) has impacted negatively on the general trend toward the deconcentration of total throughput, while exhibiting a contrasting effect in terms of spatial concentration.
Les articles qui s'y rapportent (de 128 a 139) refletent le concept adopte par les deputes de l'ANC de la deconcentration des Pouvoirs Publics et les mecanismes et moyens mis en oeuvre pour garantir le bon fonctionnement des Collectivites Locales qui en sont issues et assurer leur developpement en vue de realiser la prosperite des regions.
Souhail a souligne que cet objectif de partenarial soutient, au sein de l'administration de l'emploi, une demarche de globalisation visant a donner du sens, par la responsabilisation de ses acteurs, et plus generalement a la dynamique de deconcentration de la politique d'emploi.
Continuing his study of the deconcentration of poverty in US cities over the past 15 years, Goetz (urban and regional planning, U.
The Raykov cabinet also adopted new rules for deconcentration of public funds, mandating that only up to 25% of the resources of any given entity can be invested in a single financial institution.
In 2011, Ralph Nader praised the Occupy Wall Street movement for demanding "the deconcentration of corporate power.
Two tenders for conducting the required (a) renovation of the company's buildings & establishments at Al Soyouf potable water plant, also (b) treatment of the aluminum sulfate deconcentration basins at Mariut I station.
The recently endorsed COBP is fully consistent with the ADB Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Cambodia, 2011-2013, which targets transport (rural and provincial roads), water supply, sanitation and urban development, agriculture and natural resources (agriculture commercialization and irrigation support), education (lower secondary schools and vocational training), and finance (banking regulation, SME finance, and microfinance), supported by ongoing activities in public sector management (public financial management, and deconcentration and decentralization).
This deepens democracy; it's not a matter of bringing power to the people, like the promise of liberal democrats, but rather of a real deconcentration of power," Deputy Ulises Daal, one of the drafters of the law, told BBC Mundo.
Administrative decentralization has three forms, namely: Deconcentration, Delegation and Devolution.