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Decomposing this into its constituent factors, it is found that all components have insignificant contributions to industrial spatial concentration, but strong negative effects on the structural deconcentration of total throughput.
The region portrayed by Gruia was to play a double role, not only as a decentralisation unit, but also as one of administrative deconcentration, while benefitting from a real administrative autonomy towards the centre.
Les regions, qui interviennent alors comme des etablissements publics au service de la deconcentration, demeureront soumises a la tutelle de l'Etat jusqu'aux grandes lois de decentralisation des annees 1980.
The governance approach with all its limits (Rhodes 2000) highlights vertical differentialization and horizontal deconcentration of interactions within a policy field.
So, the author determines that in the analysed time frame, the Romanian industry has got through two opposite processes at the same time, one of concentration and the other of deconcentration of economic activity.
It is true that, even in theory, decentralisation takes on several features, such as deconcentration (the 'offshoring' of functions to the local government level without a change in the concentration of power at the centre) and devolution (the simultaneous transfer of functions and powers from the centre to the local level).
Pakistan Federal Constitution, Deconcentration to with interludes of districts in the early 2000s by Musharraf.
Over the next 10 years, baby boomer migration will likely contribute to a significant deconcentration of the population.
Also, deconcentration (1) has not been matched by fiscal, managerial, and technical competence, etc.
It involves the deconcentration and delegation of legal and political authority to plan, make decision and manage public functions from the central government to subordinate units of government, semi-autonomous public corporations, area-wide or regional development authorities; functional authorities, autonomous local governments or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (Rondinelli, 1981: 137).
Even in the Philippines, where economic visibility is most important, the recent easing of policy restrictions on Chinese citizenship and access to professional occupations is likely to result in some deconcentration of Chinese economic activity, thereby reducing the effects of economic visibility on Chinese conceptions of themselves.
Generally, there is considered to be four major organizational arrangements that advance decentralization--devolution, privatization, delegation, and deconcentration.
However, all the attempts made by the Panchayat regime to strengthen local government institutions were severely limited to the deconcentration and delegation (23) forms of decentralization.
We omit from this article several important related issues: zaibatsu dissolution, deconcentration, the purges, the reparation plans, and land reform.