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Whether deconcentrating poverty lowers crime or does not depends on whether there are nonlinearities in the relationship between crime and poverty.
These bankruptcies led to the redistribution of existing capacity to more firms, resulting in an overall deconcentrating effect on the industry," the FTC said in their report.
Deconcentrating deprivation in some of the worst-affected areas usually means some degree of existing community dispersal, combined with action to attract those with higher incomes to live in the 'improved' neighbourhood.
Housing vouchers and certificates as a vehicle for deconcentrating the poor: evidence from the Washington, D.
The Peruvian economist said there was no way of deconcentrating wealth through redistribution, but it could be done through property rights, which were the basis for credit and the route to development in any economy.
211) In addition, they point out that discouraging the wealthy from accruing assets is consistent with the goal of deconcentrating wealth.
Political problems aside, HUD's entire $70 million national MTO budget would have only a minor impact on deconcentrating public housing in New York City.
Considerable progress has been made in deconcentrating health budgets.
The deconcentrating trend of the 1970s underscored policy recommendations that encouraged the dispersing of population away from the big cities as a cure to many of society's ills (Berry & Silverman, 1980; Oosterbaan, 1980; Sundquist, 1975).
Malaysia has overtime sought to strengthen decentralised decision-making by strengthening local governments and by deconcentrating federal government functions.
Deconcentrating poverty, according to Rusk, is a regional responsibility and can be accomplished through regional land use planning, fair-share housing policies, and regional revenue-sharing programs.
The findings are similar to those for urban markets: Higher levels of the HHI, both deposits-based and loan-based, are associated with progressively smaller markets; the effect of including out-of-market CRA lenders in the loan-based HHIs is pronounced; and as the population of the market decreases, the deconcentrating effect of out-of-market lenders appears to increase.
We conclude in Part IV by describing changes in federal housing subsidy programs and law enforcement that might promote the objective of deconcentrating the inner-city poor.
Such entry will often have the effect of deconcentrating the affected market and will lead to a conclusion that a particular transaction presents no competition concerns.