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Approximately 20 pages are devoted early on to terminology and a survey of the comparative literature on deconcentrated public administrations; however brief, this overview sets a crucial context for the reader to understand how politicians, bureaucrats and eventually consultants could themselves interpret, reinterpret, and sometimes misinterpret what is 'decentralization'.
The transferred scope under Kadecka (2009) represents the deconcentrated state administration conferred to municipalities.
First, we code Aceh separately as having limited self-governance between 1957 and 1973, followed by deconcentrated government from 1974.
29-60) pitiful "regressive listener", engaging in the deconcentrated and repetitive consumption of the "rigid, formulaic, spent" (Lewandowski 1996, p.
This design utilizes the turbo to compress combustion air only, and this assures that hydrogen is deconcentrated to increase operational safety.
The prefect is the Government's representative locally who runs the deconcentrated public services of the ministries and of the other institutions of the central public administration from the territorial administrative units.
On the other hand, the real autonomy in the decision making of the Elected Women Representatives (EWR) plays a crucial role in integrating gender-specific needs in the fiscal policies and their accountability to the electorate gets constrained if the flow of funds is through deconcentrated intermediate levels with accountability to the central government.
reluctance of central authorities because of fear of losing political control or successful resistance from traditionally deconcentrated authorities (such as tribal leaders).
They disagree, however, about the likely consequences of deconcentrated power.
Under such circumstances the deconcentrated field offices enjoy the power to take all kinds of decisions.
Meaning that, as population has deconcentrated from cities to suburbs and moved in a southward trend nationally, there may be a link between the mobility of behavioural processes such as criminal offending and the mobility of people through migration or even commuting.
This process may be described as introducing performance budgeting in a deconcentrated and unitary environment, and not "decentralisation" as in the other countries.
The districts are deconcentrated administrative units of the central government, which neither enjoy financial autonomy, nor provide public services to the population.
Provision of public health care was partially deconcentrated to regional health services and primary care devolved to municipalities (17).
the pure devolution pattern (typical case of Nigeria) where an attempt was made to disband deconcentrated structure;