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The deconcentrated local governments were relatively weak, and lacked own-source revenues, or clearly defined functions.
But vertical linkages between reproductive health programmes, units and bodies at national level, within deconcentrated resource allocation, management and financing structures, needs further clarity.
TABLE 1 The Schedule of Implementation for Deconcentrated Services Domain Date Planning May 1983 Training and education June 1983 Urban planning October 1983 Health and social action January 1984 Ports and rivers January 1984 School transport January 1984 Public teaching January 1986 Culture January 1986 Source: Marchand (1999).
Life-long national subsidies for owner-occupied single-family dwellings encourage people toward more deconcentrated (lower density) developments.
This mix of enormous, but divided and deconcentrated power is the legacy of federation.
From a policymaker's perspective, the more deconcentrated the industry is (i.
The Nation's total population has deconcentrated among many population centers during the past two decades, rather than becoming increasingly centralized in a few areas.
The programme for merging central government executive units at the central and deconcentrated levels
It aims to address local governance capacity and inadequate delegation of power from the center to deconcentrated units.
Reed 1982), the settled view is that Japan has been fiscally and politically centralized, though administratively deconcentrated (Nishio 2007).
Politically, the formerly deconcentrated provincial bureaucracy in the abovementioned sectors has been placed under the authority of elected local governments.
As a result of HOPE VI, poverty is deconcentrated at the original public housing sites as intended.
However, where service management has been deconcentrated to district level, district and facility managers and frontline workers are unlikely to take kindly to interventions from provincial programme managers.
We broke up firms, deconcentrated markets and created an intensely competitive system.
The program targets operators (individuals, community groups, and associations), apex organizations, and policies and institutions (Government of Senegal, central and/or deconcentrated services, and local communities).