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Despite its purpose, the HCV Program on the whole fails to deconcentrate voucher families or give them access to opportunity.
Elorza, Absentee Landlords, Rent Control, and Healthy Gentrification: A Policy Proposal to Deconcentrate the Poor in Urban America, 17 CORNELL J.
17) Granting development permits to the rural people which are transferable to their next of kin, setting up an account for managing resources under the co-responsibility of the rural people, the establishment of a separate account for rice fields, and proper budgets at the level of each zone are amongst the measures taken to deconcentrate the responsibilities of the Office du Niger to the benefit of the rice growers.
Indonesia's strongest measure for countering Islamic terror may possibly be found in its initiative on 1 January 2001 to deconcentrate the old Sukarto authoritarian order.
Similarly, well-designed efforts to deconcentrate neighborhood poverty have had broad success.
American housing policy has veered over the past number of years toward efforts to spatially deconcentrate subsidized households, dispersing them in an effort to achieve greater levels of racial and class integration.
policy is to deconcentrate the problematic market, either by breaking up
We have a goal to deconcentrate poverty," said housing authority Executive Director Rudolf Montiel.
As everyone agreed with the need to deconcentrate poverty and create mixed-income communities, panelists discussed creative means to reach that goal through the use of public housing and Section 8 housing vouchers.
It is becoming increasingly recognised that in order to provide assistance to low- to moderate-income households, to deconcentrate poverty and thereby reduce social, economic and health inequalities, and to create vibrant successful, sustainable communities, the public authority mind-set and culture must adapt to the need to gain expertise in harnessing and exploiting the powers of the market to the advantage of public services and subsidies.
to deconcentrate the industry or unseat the current market leaders.
While free trade does produce procompetitive effects, (256) it may be insufficient to deconcentrate certain economic sectors dominated by an ethnic group.
This measure reflects the fact that production activity in general has been tending to deconcentrate from large metropolitan areas.
and the explanation based on incentives to deconcentrate ownership have
We need to deconcentrate poverty in cities and give many of the people who live in them a better shot at pursuing the American dream.