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Din aceasta perspectiva, organele deconcentrate impieteaza asupra celor presupus/pretins descentralizate care devin astfel, direct sau indirect, mai mult sau mai putin, subordonate administratiei centrale.
to deconcentrate the industry or unseat the current market leaders.
97) In the end, CADE's remedy "attempts to deconcentrate the market by impeding the productivity of the leading firm and confusing consumers, not by restoring competition.
This measure reflects the fact that production activity in general has been tending to deconcentrate from large metropolitan areas.
More generally: how can we put certain "genies back in their bottles"--to ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons, deconcentrate wealth, devolve power?
This win-win legislation is the result of negotiations led by HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo, who worked with both sides of the aisle to find a way to uphold Democratic principles and deconcentrate poverty in our urban centers.
No requirement to deconcentrate very poor families in particular buildings or developments
Unless we can deconcentrate the populations of our poorest, unless we can make it possible for people to have greater choice and move to suburban areas, we will not succeed.
Conform metodologiei studiului, esantionul este "probabilist, stadial, cu stratificare in primul stadiu, in functie de (1) tipul institutiei (administratie publica locala, servicii deconcentrate, administratie publica centrala), (2) tipul localitatii de resedinta (4 tipuri de localitati urbane si 3 tipuri de localitati rurale), si (3) aria culturala (18 arii culturale, conform schemei Sandu de esantionare), si este reprezentativ la nivel national" (p.
Cisneros encouraged delegates to consider regional strategies to deconcentrate poverty and move people to where jobs and opportunities are.
This rationale has led to recent housing dispersal programs and mixed-income housing initiatives that intend to deconcentrate poverty, and consequently, reduce the social problems attributed to poverty concentration in urban public housing developments.
Were this not so, rivals would be enabled to expand their market shares because of the abnormally high prices and would thus deconcentrate the industry.
In short, metropolitan administration of the voucher program would help deconcentrate poverty, allow low-income families to move from central cities to the suburbs where job growth is strongest and promote housing choice.
The research will be used to drive cost-effective housing choices and is designed to deconcentrate high levels of poverty and racial segregations, so that sponsored houses truly have equivalent access to fair housing choices.
Overall, the state transport corridors and feeders have been identified so as to support the states strategy to deconcentrate economic growth and services offer, taking into account the following criteria: (a) improving transport conditions between the main production areas in the state and the related markets; (b) strengthening connectivity between the states main urban areas; and (c) improving the states competitive advantage as a preferred point of entry/exit for imports/exports within the North-East region of Brazil.