decompression sickness

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pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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also estimated that about half incur some degree of decompression sickness.
Decompression sickness symptoms range from skin mottling to mild tingling in the hands or feet to shock and death.
The bends, also known as gas bubble disease or decompression sickness, occurs when divers, aviators, or astronauts move too quickly from higher to lower atmospheric pressures.
According to her suit, Marlatt suffered decompression sickness and an embolus caused by an uncontrollable rate of ascent.
Decompression sickness occurs when the diver ascends too rapidly, so that nitrogen gases are not properly dispelled from his or her tissues before the diver surfaces.
The chambers are used to treat 13 clinical afflictions, including carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, crash injuries, radiation and soft tissue damage.
Mr Watson had severe stomach pains and other signs of decompression sickness.
It is thought that Sarah Ann Pitkin, 45, believed to be from the West Country, died from an attack of the bends - decompression sickness.
11) When divers surface quickly, nitrogen that has pooled in the blood bubbles out, causing decompression sickness,(12) or "the bends.
In an attempt to curb diving accidents, Nietschmann, marine biologist Bill Alevizon, and the Florida-based Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) initiated a scuba-training course on the Miskito coast to educate divers about how to avoid air embolisms and decompression sickness, called "the bends.
Although most physicians consider this usage to be mere quackery, the machine itself is anything but useless, having proven its effectiveness against decompression sickness (occurring whenever scuba divers encounter "the bends"), carbon monoxide poisoning, anemia, and skin graft rejection, among other ailments.
We have returned to our roots as a drug development company creating our perfluorocarbon-based drug, Oxycyte([R]), for traumatic brain injury, stroke and decompression sickness.
The Deepest Man on Earth' is headed to Dubai to talk about his plunge to set the world record for freediving, his near death experience on his last world record attempt and his full recovery from decompression sickness, also known as 'the bends'.
Decompression sickness (DCS)--one of seven "land as soon as possible" emergencies in the EA-6B Prowler and arguably the least understood--was not something any of our four crew members had expected to encounter.
Brumback suffered decompression sickness in which the nitrogen content of his body turned into bubbles when he ascended "quite fast" to the upper level of the sea, said a doctor on TV.