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Synonyms for decompression

restoring compressed information to its normal form for use or display

relieving pressure (especially bringing a compressed person gradually back to atmospheric pressure)

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She was first transferred to the Larnaca General Hospital and after being diagnosed, she was transferred to Famagusta hospital where the decompression chamber is located.
McQuaite, spinal decompression therapy is a successful procedure for handling chronic neck and back pain.
Some of the lesser injuries were trauma (5%) and decompression sickness (2.
Decompression sickness can happen if a diver ascends too quickly from a dive.
The men charged the NHS for decompression treatments which never took place.
RAF Valley's Squadron 22 helicopter was sent to the scene and airlifted the teenager from the chartered dive boat to Murrayfield Hospital on the Wirral, where he was placed in a decompression chamber.
He was being flown to Hull Royal Infirmary to be placed in a decompression chamber when the helicopter from RAF Boulmer got into difficulties.
It especially was nerve-wracking because we had more than 30 minutes of decompression due before surfacing.
Tokyo, Japan, Nov 17, 2005 - (JCNN) - Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announced on November 14 the development of core circuitry technology for video compression and decompression that features high-quality video processing and operation with world-class ultra-low power consumption of less than 100 milliwatts.
Explosive decompression often occurs when high-pressure gas molecules migrate into an elastomer seal at a compressed state.
In people, pitting of bones is often a sign of decompression sickness, which scuba divers can develop after experiencing pressure changes that cause bubbles of gas to form in the body.
Q: Why is it that some troops posted in Afghanistan were given a decompression period in Guam and some weren't?
The unit also features a hydraulically intensified, high-pressure pump and a decompression circuit.
In November 2003, 40-year-old Panamanian civilian Jose Hernandez experienced decompression sickness, commonly known as the "bends.
She had previously undergone a right-ear endolymphatic sac decompression with insertion of silicone sheeting.