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Synonyms for decompress

restore to its uncompressed form

decrease the pressure of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

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There is also a slight danger when files are compressed and decompressed (also called zipping and unzipping): In some instances, a few bytes of data may be altered or lost, which is why it's always prudent to keep an unzipped copy of the original data on a floppy disk.
ACT is also a lossless technology, meaning no loss of data -- or display quality -- when characters are decompressed.
I am enthusiastic at seeing reactions of customers when comparing the quality of Piranha decompressed files with typical lossy JPEG quality.
Upon file access requests, compressed files are quickly decompressed and made available to the user.
With this demo 3 files of 11KB and 14KB are decompressed into 3 mpg files with 6,275KB to 8,144KB.
0 standard, and decompressed on the fly by the base unit (up to a CD-like sample quality of 48KHz), users will experience no interference with normal phone calls or DSL Internet connections.
Each song is securely stored in the jukebox and is decrypted and decompressed in real-time using TouchTunes' proprietary digital sound card.