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The reason that many of the marginal costs for saving weight are uncertain is that they depend upon 1) a learning curve as they move from R&D into production, 2) assumptions about the final scale of production, 3) design time required for integrated weight decompounding, and 4) compatibility with other OEM design and fabrication choices (Li et al.
Yet a murderously dissective decompounding will yield up only the sum of a formerly greater whole.
Rosette performs critical functions, from identifying the language of incoming documents to preparing the text for search with word segmentation, decompounding, and part-of-speech analysis.
It delivers a broad range of analytic capabilities including language identification, segmentation, lemmatization, noun decompounding, part-of-speech tagging, sentence boundary detection, noun phrase analysis, and entity extraction.
JOA enhances RLP's Base Linguistics component which performs critical functions such as word segmentation, decompounding, and part-of-speech analysis.