decomposition reaction

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(chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original substance

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In the case of CBA-2, the decomposition reaction of citric acid begins at 215[degrees]C and ends around 300[degrees]C, with a weight percentage of gas created about 35%.
The first peak corresponds to melting of LDPE and the second peak corresponds to the decomposition reaction of LDPE.
1/2]) of peroxide decomposition reactions is used to calculate the rate constant (k) using the equation:
If dyes are present, the constant energy absorption of the dyes in the UV and visible range (excited chromophores) can lead to additional decomposition reactions.
The TGA curve of CBA-3 shows that the decomposition reaction of sodium bicarbonate begins at 150[degrees]C, reaching a weight percentage of created gas around 24% at the end of the reaction, at about 210[degrees]C.
The Bhopal catastrophe was itself a reactive accident involving inadvertent mixing of incompatible chemicals, a runaway decomposition reaction, and finally a devastating toxic gas release.
The necessities to understand and characterize the curing behavior of materials or to predict decomposition reaction processes are said to be important reasons to utilize kinetic applications.
The decomposition reaction is a temperature-based reaction with two sub-reactions (see Fig.
This can cause the fire to spread or could result in ignition of flammable gases which are formed in the decomposition reaction.
The value d[alpha]/dt which is called the rate of the decomposition reaction is the tangent to the line at any T value.
The blowing agent provided a reproducible and predictable decomposition reaction regardless of the type of the resin used in the mixture.
0[degrees]) and some low angle peaks due to by-products of mercaptide decomposition reaction.
In fact, the presence of the small amount of volatile organic modifiers absorbed during hybrid processing has an adverse effect on the decomposition reaction of the PBT matrix, as evidenced by the slight but reproducible reduction of onset decomposition temperature measured by means of TGA.