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Synonyms for decomposition

Synonyms for decomposition

Synonyms for decomposition

the analysis of a vector field

in a decomposed state

(chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original substance

(biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action

the organic phenomenon of rotting


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2006) evaluated the decomposition of perennial herbaceous legumes and reported that the decomposition constants decreased and the half-lives increased in the dry season.
Singular value decomposition (SVD) is a non-parametric technique which has been widely used in feature extraction [23], in voice, image, mobile communication, electric power [24, 25], biomedicine and earthquake monitoring since it was developed to extract the useful element from noisy signal by Tufts.
We assume that the design of the distribution network can be solved efficiently by using decomposition techniques, more specifically a primal-dual decomposition.
As can be seen from the table AN decomposition by reactions (1) .
4] decomposition if and only if no 3 vertices of G induce more than 4 edges and |E(G)| is divisible by 3.
This paper presents the Adomian decomposition method for the solution of nonlinear boundary value problem using Neumann boundary conditions.
The purpose of the present study is twofold: (a) to investigate the thermal decomposition of oil shale host minerals and kerogen and (b) to examine how the partial pressure of C[O.
Leachates derived from the decomposition of animal carcasses contain organic intermediates, volatile chemicals, and decomposing organisms [8].
A few studies have evaluated the decomposition dynamics of sugar cane residues left on the soil surface (e.
But they discovered indicators of blood decomposition - which may mean the body did not decompose while in contact with the sandal.
Body farms are anthropological research facilities where forensic scientists study the decomposition process of the human body to better help law enforcement solve crimes.
Supporters say shallower graves promote faster, more thorough decomposition of corpses, the Burlington Free Press reports.
Kutz, Brunton, Brunton, and Proctor present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly papers focused on the method and applications of dynamic systems theory, focusing specifically on the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) algorithm.
Summary: Clean hydrogen production from catalytic methane decomposition has attracted the attention of many researchers as an alternative fuel source.