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  • verb

Synonyms for decompose

Synonyms for decompose

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

Synonyms for decompose

separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts

lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

break down

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The furnace atomization method is a method in which the waste liquid is sprayed into a furnace at a temperature of over 1,000 degrees Celsius to decompose cyanogen compounds.
On the one hand, packaging from biodegradable plastic takes a long time to decompose, which makes it unsuitable for industrial composting plants, and on the other it can't be fed into the recycling process for conventional plastics either.
Sludge has been used in landfills to help increase the rate at which trash decomposes.
Once in the furnace, the coatings will decompose or be altered with the residue, ending up distributed among the three phases present - the metal itself, the slag phase always present with liquid metal or the gas phase such as the blast air in a cupola or the atmosphere over the electric furnace bath.
In the presence of oxygen, the PHB/V decomposes into C|O.
The design of the site includes a network of more than 100 wells that gather methane-rich gas produced as waste decomposes.
The carbamic acid decomposes to give a primary amine and a [CO.
Its biodegradable trash bag, called Eco-System I, is made from a mixture of cornstarch and polyethylene that decomposes within two to three years.
DOORS provides a multi-platform requirements management tool that captures, decomposes, links, traces, analyzes and manages information in order to ensure a product's compliance with specified requirements and standards.
We found that plastic in the ocean actually decomposes as it is exposed to the rain and sun and other environmental conditions, giving rise to yet another source of global contamination that will continue into the future," he said.
More than 95 percent of the organic matter in carbon-containing sediments is kerogen, which doesn't dissolve out of the rocks and decomposes very slowly, says Steven T.
You've got to study how nature decomposes," says Malcolm Beck, a horticulturist in Austin, Texas, and a lifelong composter.
But magnesium hydroxide decomposes at a higher temperature--around 540 F, vs.
Nor, does it release any harmful substances when it decomposes.
Polystyrene, Brenner explained, decomposes by a relatively slow, random scission process that initially produces liquids.