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  • verb

Synonyms for decompose

Synonyms for decompose

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

Synonyms for decompose

separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts

lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

break down

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It is able to separate the cyanogen compounds as cyanogen gas by decomposing the sludge at a lower temperature than the decompose temperature in the conventional method.
And if - as still happens much too often in global terms - the bag is simply carelessly thrown away and then comes into contact with microorganisms in the soil and with water it decomposes, depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, within several months, leaving behind only water and CO[sub.
Scientists aren't sure whether these granules ever decompose fully, and fear that their buildup in marine and terrestrial environments--and in the stomachs of wildlife--portend a bleak future compromised by plastic particles infiltrating every step in the food chain.
In the future, will we be able to use natural processes to decompose plastics?
Determining suitable environmental condition and appropriate microbes to decompose oil polluted in vitro.
The bags can be tied up and placed in the corner of the garden, where the leaves will decompose and can be used the following spring.
In addition to being a "keystone species people look for in the spring," Mark DePoy, the park's chief of science and natural resources, told AP the fruit benefits wildlife and the leaves return nutrients to the soil when they decompose.
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A Las Vegas college wants to develop a research laboratory to study how human bodies decompose in the desert.
However, the girls' research proved that, in sawdust, a 1,600-pound cow can decompose in just 200 days; a chicken's body, in only 13 days.
Animals don't die and decompose in 5 minutes," said Bob Phelps of the Gene Ethics Network.
Even though it doesn't decompose, it is easily crushed by the pressure of trash piled on top of it, leaving it flat.
Trash in a municipal landfill could decompose nearly 10 to 20 times faster than it normally does through a system that keeps the trash continually wet.
Then, over time, microbes snack on remnants of the aging hulk and decompose them to carbon dioxide and water.
Fuji will set up three lavatories in late June at the mountain's summit to decompose human waste, according to group officials.
Biodegradable trash can decompose with the help of a few natural elements--bacteria, water, light, and air.