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  • verb

Synonyms for decompose

Synonyms for decompose

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

to become or cause to become rotten or unsound

Synonyms for decompose

separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts

lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current

break down

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However, the former method is unable to sufficiently decompose cyanogen compounds and the latter method is costly.
Determining suitable environmental condition and appropriate microbes to decompose oil polluted in vitro.
Green'N'Pack controlled-life products are designed to last for a predetermined time--usually 24 months--before they start to decompose.
The bags can be tied up and placed in the corner of the garden, where the leaves will decompose and can be used the following spring.
The directive does not allow for a clear distinction between biodegradable products that should decompose in natural conditions in the environment, and compostable products that only decompose in industrial composting facilities.
ELCAT is a two-stage wastewater treatment system that decomposes and treats persistent organic substances by making them easier to decompose.
They will show that not only does the total effect of the intervention decompose into a direct effect and an indirect effect mediated through classroom quality but also that the indirect effect itself decomposes into an effect mediated through the quality of a child's own classroom and a spillover effect from the quality of the other classrooms at a school.
I've heard conflicting reports regarding how long it really takes for a plastic grocery bag to decompose.
Similar methods for decomposing corpses have been developed elsewhere, but they decompose corpses at much higher temperatures.
Extensive tests on the products, carried out by Lincoln & York, show that the metalized packaging decomposes within one year and the transparent packaging takes just six to seven months to decompose.
Crop residues decompose into soil organic matter, which provides nutrients to crops, limits erosion, and helps retain soil moisture.
They found that plastics believed to be virtually indestructible decompose with surprising speed in the sea.
Tokyo, Japan) has patented a protein having saponin-decomposing activity, more specifically a protein which can decompose a glycoside having soyasapogenol B as an aglycone to produce soyasapogenol B, a polynucleotide encoding such a protein, and a method of producing soyasapogenol B on a large scale using the same.
Scientists from Cornell University are reporting the development of a new biodegradable "nanohybrid" plastic that can be engineered to decompose much faster than existing plastics used in everything from soft drink bottles to medical implants.
When biodegradable materials decompose they add C[O.