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capable of being partitioned


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It is both decomposable and, unlike the other inequality measures, satisfies the strong principle of transfers.
It is well known that the generalized entropy (GE) family of inequality indices are the only measures of relative inequality that satisfy the usual properties (4) required from any inequality index and, in addition, are decomposable by population subgroup (Bourguignon 1979; Shorrocks 1980, 1984).
Because the measure is decomposable, we are able to provide a breakdown across different dimensions, and also across provinces.
The winning LCD/LED NB Panel Shipping Box is made of 100% decomposable paper.
Malakooti and Subramanian (1999) developed a generalized decomposable multiattribute utility function for representing the decision maker's preferential behavior.
Every level needs independent functional analysis in decomposable process.
Other reasonable candidates in cotton-containing rotations using conservation tillage are transplanted crops, such as tomatoes and broccoli, and large-seeded crops, such as melons, that leave relatively little or easily decomposable residue.
The parallelization of the recursive problems consists to break up the problem into independent calculation portions (tasks), and to diffuse each one on a dynamic on demand constructed tree branch from P2P underlying architecture, as long as the portion problem is decomposable.
Recycling bins have been installed at each floor in du's offices- one for plastic/bottles, which can be used to dispose of cans and paper cups, another for paper and the third one for general waste, for decomposable items such as food and tea bags.
Waste Component Percentage Rapid decomposable organic component - Kitchen waste 32.
We then propose a class of decomposable measures of flight delays as well as a partial dominance condition for the rankings of flight delays.
Soil microorganisms play an important role in regulating soil fertility and transforming organic matter and their activity relies on the availability of decomposable materials [18,26,27].
The decomposable part of organic matter is equivalent to the soluble organic matter in rocks, and it volatilizes when rock sample is heated at 300 [degrees]C.
Black carbon (which includes but is not exclusively charcoal) represents a continuum of carbon compounds from partial pyrolysis of organic material to graphite and soot particles, some of which may be more readily decomposable than is generally assumed (Schmidt and Noack 2000; Gonzalez-Perez et al.