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The report said the GOM has had the most platforms decommissioned, about 4,000, and with over 5,000 oil and gas structures in place, the region also has the largest number of platforms yet to be decommissioned.
On allegations that the 75 firearms decommissioned on Tuesday were unserviceable weapons, Murad said these were all inspected and verified by members of the International Decommissioning Body (IDB).
Entergy expects the plant could be decommissioned by the 2040s, rather than in 2075 as allowed under federal regulations.
2 reactor is to be decommissioned, Japan Atomic Power is expected to suffer losses of some 100 billion yen, which is likely to cause substantial deterioration in its financial situation.
He said the general had admitted he had taken the IRA at its word when he said they had decommissioned all their weapons.
Imagine thirty years from now that you are researching events that happened while you served at a command that has since been disestablished, deactivated, or decommissioned.
Following the shutdown of a nuclear power plant a significant radioactive waste hazard remains until the waste is removed and the plant site decommissioned.
The Good Friday Agreement said all illegal weapons held by paramilitary organisations were to be decommissioned by May 2000.
To date few commercial nuclear reactors have been decommissioned, so the accuracy of existing cost estimates has not been assessed.
With an ITQ system, boat owners can sell decommissioned vessels to a buyer who takes them outside the fishery, to waters with open access, much as European Union vessels have relocated off the coasts of Africa, where fisheries are far less stressed.
Yet Sinn Fein national chairman Mitchel McLaugh-lin said yesterday there was no prospect of any weapons being decommissioned by the IRA this week.
Compass controls several oil bunkering bases, 700 manufacturing factories, 700,500 metric tons of vessels and 160 nuclear submarines -- 80 of which must still be decommissioned.
Although several plants have been shut down in recent years, no large plant has thus far been decommissioned.
Within 15 years, says the report's author Cynthia Pollock, 66 more are likely to be decommissioned.
Reuse and redevelopment of decommissioned nuclear sites: Strategies and lessons learned.