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Process chlorine free is used to describe recycled papers that are decolorized without chlorine compounds.
One measure of the damage to the yeast caused by antioxidants in the smoke was the rate at which the yeast decolorized methylene blue solution The other measure was typan blue dye which permitted a count of living vs.
Unable to capture the famed style of Pernoud, which he praises at length, Adams says that Pernoud s work "is here shortened, decolorized, blunted" (xvi).
tuberculosis and other mycobacteria "acid fast" bacteria because their fatty cell walls prevent the cells from being decolorized by acid solutions after staining during diagnostic tests.
In saline water cycle after diluted saline water exited from the cell, first it is decolorized and then goes to saturation step.
IARC clearly understands that decolorized whole leaf aloe vera juice is devoid of the toxic chemicals that have caused so much concern, yet CSPI seems willing to make uninformed and sensational comments that will only serve to confuse and frighten consumers despite the facts.
Sometimes the atypical cells were only seen on the squash preparations and in these cases the smears were decolorized and then submitted for UFISH.
Any lab distraction or picking the wrong setting can result in an over or under decolorized slide.
Aloe Vera Gel Decolorized 1X (Code: AG002) (Terry Labs) 2.
The absorption vanishes or is decolorized as the electron becomes paired off in the presence of a free radical scavenger.