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Under these conditions 50 mg/l of FA and 40 mg/l of CV were decolorized effectively.
Their Washed Raw Sugar has not been decolorized using bone char, but it is only produced at its Hawaii plant and not available for widespread distribution, especially in large quantities.
In our case, the system input in the form of stochastic events will be decolorized.
Next, he slowly tipped the sample vial at a 45[degrees] angle, where the liquid was about to spill out, exposing the most surface area in the decolorized layer of clarified wine.
The performance of decolorized bovine plasma protein as a replacement for egg white in high ratio white cakes.
Violacein was biotransformed or decolorized by basidiomycetes and bacteria (Bromberg and Duran 2001).
The smear was then decolorized with 1 per cent acid alcohol, washed well and air-dried.
Textile dyes like Orange 3R and Yellow GR were better decolorized by Anabaena sp.
And unsaturated combination of colored material in sanitary sewage is resolved by ozonized and decolorized.
Process chlorine free is used to describe recycled papers that are decolorized without chlorine compounds.
One measure of the damage to the yeast caused by antioxidants in the smoke was the rate at which the yeast decolorized methylene blue solution The other measure was typan blue dye which permitted a count of living vs.
Unable to capture the famed style of Pernoud, which he praises at length, Adams says that Pernoud s work "is here shortened, decolorized, blunted" (xvi).
tuberculosis and other mycobacteria "acid fast" bacteria because their fatty cell walls prevent the cells from being decolorized by acid solutions after staining during diagnostic tests.
Staining in decolorized Aniline blue (DAB) for 24 h was followed by mounting in a drop of DAB: glycerin (1:1) solution.
Both synthesized mono azo reactive dyes were decolorized and degraded by gamma ray treatment to the absorbed doses of 5, 10 and 15 kGy.