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Accuracy/Quality is considered a disadvantage for two reasons: some bath-stainer users express carryover concerns and report precipitate formation; and bath stainers are subject to non-optimal decolorization.
Batch decolorization experiments were conducted with the crude filtered vancomycin broth by adding 1g (based on dry weight) of various anion exchange resins to 20mL of broth, and shaking the contents for four hours.
Marchant, "Microbial Process for the Decolorization of Textile Effluent Containing Azo, Diazo and Reactive Dyes," Process Biochem.
dead yeast cells in the various groups with a cytometer A comparison of the rate of methylene decolorization and trypan blue uptake in the controls to the experimental group revealed whether or not (1) the cigarette smoke adversely affected the yeast and (2) if so, whether or not the antioxidants ameliorated the effects of the smoke.
All are bland oils that may have been refined by a chemical process such as decolorization, deacidfication and deodorization, with some amount of extravirgin oil added to enhance the flavor and color.
are known for being extremely resistant to decolorization (1), and diagnostic errors due to misinterpretation of well-prepared Gram stains have been reported (12).
For decolorization, slides were washed with 96% alcohol for 5 minutes, with 3% hydrochloric ethanol for 8 minutes, and with 3% sodium carbonate for 2 minutes.
Purification methods consist of chemical treatment, decolorization by absorbents and fractionation of the separated waxes into grades by distillation, re-crystallization or both.
5 million, which consists of replacing the bone char processing for decolorization with an ion exchange process.
At 210 minutes however, decolorization had improved to 98% at 60[degrees]C temperature, while 25[degrees]C, 40[degrees]C, 50[degrees]C were 82%, 87% and 90.
The decolorization data was analyzed using the general equation for multilayer adsorption by Freundlich, expressed as
Activated carbon formats are effective for decolorization and odor removal.
Decolorization and biodegradation of rubine Gil by microbial consortium GG-BL in sequential aerobic/microaerophilic process.
Previously developed blue stain decolorization techniques have been based on straightforward bleaching and have either not fully removed the stain or have discolored the heartwood in an unacceptable manner.