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Juvenal tells Ursidius that women's inconstancy and dishonesty mean that "You will perhaps become father to an Ethiopian baby, and a coloured heir, whom you should not see in the morning light, will fill all the places of your will": "esses / Aethiopis fortasse peter: mox decolor haeres / Impleret tabulas, nunquam tibi mane videndus" [599-601]).
This suggests that textile companies can use it to decolor water generated by the production of colored fabrics, Hudson says.
vulgaris (Steinheil) + + Hydrophilinae Berosini Berosus decolor Knisch + B.
Ameles decolor (Charpentier, 1825) is a small rather common mantis, typical of arid fields of the Mediterranean basin from Southern and insular Europe to northern Africa (Ehrmann 2002, Battiston & Fontana 2005).
decolor were collected in some arid fields in the west of Tolentino (MC, in Central Italy) and caged to verify the presence of cannibalism and to study their mating behavior.
decolor, could be expected to see a moving target over 360[degrees], but with a binocular visual system the forward visual field where the target stimulus produces a consistent reaction (fixation of the target with saccadic movements of the head) is only 50-60[degrees] (Tenodera australasiae, Prete et al.
5 X Berosini Derallus angustus Sharp X Derallus paranensis Oliva X Berosus decolor Knisch Berosus stenocoptus Jensen-Haarup Berosus hamatus Knisch X X Berosus minimus Knisch Berosus phallicus Oliva Berosus reticulatus Knisch Berosus truncatipennis Castelnau Berosus ussingi Jensen-Haarup Berosus zimmermanni Knisch Berosus sp.
Toshiba has found a solution with an innovative ink that contains no carbon and which decolors completely when exposed to a high level of heat or to solvents.
Heat processing is an economic option, which decolors faster with smaller equipment.