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grant independence to (a former colony)


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While formal constitutional recognition has been put forward as one form of necessary and important engagement between Indigenous people and the state, practical considerations tied with the complicated impact of federalism on the native title system (and how native title rights and interests are treated) should also become a necessary priority for creating a decolonized space.
There is no inevitable path here: areas were colonized, recolonized, and decolonized, busts followed booms everywhere.
Identifying patients colonized with MRSA or SA bacteria in advance of surgery helps ensure patients have an opportunity to be decolonized and receive the appropriate prophylactic antibiotics prior to surgery.
A recent study showed that this approach decolonized 95% of patients who had unexpected MRSA colonization, Dr.
It is easy to see how, given the oppression wrought first by the French colonizers and later by the decolonized Muslim extremists, he might agree with his literary forebear's belief that "Every revolutionary ends up either by becoming an oppressor or a heretic.
To prepare the terrain for a genuine emancipation, there is a need for founding social sciences and knowledge on bases that are decolonized, denationalized.
succeed because Williams deftly combines the private and the public, the personal and the political, as he shows, without rancor or polemics, how the decolonized state has failed to improve people's lives.
Chappell, "Active Agent versus Passive Victims: Decolonized Historiography or Problematic Paradigm," The Contemporary Pacific 7 (1995): 303-26.
Another example situates the meaning of God within the context of the decolonized Caribbean.
Hooks portrays herself as a decolonized person in a position of righteousness .
To the American writers William Lederer and Eugene Barnum Hillandale, "The Ugly American," practically the only American who understood how to mold with original hands the real and fractious world of new decolonized countries.
The 2 carriers were decolonized after a second course of a similar regimen (chlorhexidine bath followed by mupirocin administration).
Called "The Only Reason You Want to Go to Heaven Is That You Have Been Driven Out of Your Mind: Clear Seeing Inherited Religion and Reclaiming the Pagan Self," Walker criticizes the pervasive force of religious indoctrination, a force that decolonized the spirit of spiritual people, including her child's self.
Post Colonial Novel has five chapters, beginning with a definition of the title, followed by "The Colonial Hybrid: Identity and Alienation," "History, and/Fiction," "Structural Principles and Fictional Strategies," and "English Decolonized.
Militarized currents; toward a decolonized future in Asia and the Pacific.