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grant independence to (a former colony)


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Moreover, Indigenous peoples must negotiate with a state at war with itself, battling the imperative to colonize with the moral understanding of the need to decolonize.
The solution to this, then, would seem to be to decolonize the curriculum by transforming its content so that indigenous traditions of knowledge and thought could be taught more comprehensively in the lecture halls.
The post-colonial concept of hybridity is a useful tool for gay Asian men to decolonize gay theologies with respect to Asian American issues on the one hand and to decolonize Asian American theologies with respect to gay issues on the other hand.
Rael has long advocated the need for African nations to truly decolonize and choose their own way of development.
Because we knew from our observations of other animal species that natural decolonization with MRSA is common, as well as lacking information about antimicrobial drug efficacy for MRSA decolonization in marine mammals, and had concerns regarding the emergence of further antimicrobial drug resistance, we recommended that no attempt be made to decolonize the animals with antimicrobial agents.
It is not cost effective to universally screen for MRSA or to decolonize women with MRSA in obstetric populations, a recent decision-analysis study concluded (Obstet.
Part of the ideology behind such moves is to decolonize, to free ourselves from the hegemony of English language and literature that reined the English departments everywhere ever since the colonization, and even after political decolonization.
In so doing, they have been shaping new narratives of indigenous adaptation and survival based on native ontologies and epistemologies that critically decolonize the homogenizing forces of national and global rhetoric.
Furthermore, the anti-colonial discursive framework provides a political ontology which serves to decolonize academic knowledge and pedagogical practices, by valuing and employing spiritual ways of knowing (Magnusson, 2004).
It is important for us as Africans to ensure that we decolonize Africa including its children's media.
How else can we begin to decolonize the mind from the halls of Europe, which already directly or subliminally influence the consciousness of too many people on the planet?
government may conclude that the costs of Israeli colonialism outweigh the benefits of keeping Israel content and thus force it to decolonize.
Despite the varying conditions in, very broadly, Africa and the Americas, there is a resurgence of claims to "indigeneity" organized through nationalist imaginaries and in the face of increasing failures of nation-states either to decolonize or provide for peoples' needs.
It is time we decolonize our communities by returning to a more traditional identity, one centered on ceremonies, to find the healing we so desperately need today.
In the closing lines of her introduction, Nurse is confident that Revival, rife with "exquisite artillery in the battle to decolonize the mind" (p.