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the action of changing from colonial to independent status

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For achieving recognition as the sole and authentic representative of the peoples of Portuguese colonies, the Decolonization Committee also required a third criterion: control over the so-called held areas.
Hyam argues that although governmental policies were reactive to the international forces mentioned above and officials were constrained, to some extent, by the decisions of their predecessors, the decolonization of the British Empire was driven by metropolitan, rather than nationalist, forces.
Furthermore, Syrotinski believes that this process of literary decolonization may be facilitated by more recent works in the human sciences that have critiqued traditional notions of the unified Cartesian subject.
The turn toward decolonization provided an opening for the men of the African petty bourgeoisie and their anti-colonial nationalism.
Here were two indigenous populations of similar size with similar features and expectations during a time when decolonization and self-determination were peaking; nevertheless, both received different treatment and consideration from the international community, resulting in two very different outcomes in the long run.
In the wake of African decolonization, Brazil attempted to forge connections with newly independent countries.
Strengthened by popular independence movements, communist anti-imperialism, successful Japanese conquests, and European exhaustion from two world wars, decolonization had become an irresistible force.
The Algerian war for independence is one of the places in the Third World where these nationalist histories cohered for a time into a self-conscious project: the decolonization of history.
AS: Yes, many of your talks--the stump part, so to speak--are indeed framed loosely according to Geoffrey Barraclough's historical periodization, which sets up an Age of Europe from 1492 to 1945, then the American short century coupled with decolonization, after which follows, in your version, "decline," or some such thing.
A demonstrated lack of cross-resistance between Ramoplanin and vancomycin is a critical attribute for any antibiotic being developed for the decolonization of gastrointestinal VRE.
She continues by describing conflict, adaptation, and continuity from 1982 to 2008, and closes by examining the sense of identity, self-determination and decolonization that were the heritage of all the survival schools in the Twin Cities area.
By way of explanation, Ferguson goes on to specify that "Kincaid's resistance to illicit or corrupt authority is a form of nonviolent decolonization that complements a post-colonial agency.
British Decolonization, 1946-1997: When, Why and How Did the British Empire Fall?
It is meant to establish a new historical periodization by occulting the war for independence in order to justify a new war of decolonization.
The study is designed to determine whether oral Ramoplanin can reduce the transmission of VRE by decreasing skin contamination through gastrointestinal (GI) decolonization.