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grant independence to (a former colony)


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Decolonising History and Narrating the Subaltern: Palestinian Oral History, Indigenous and Gendered Memories
Indigenous academics have developed theory that is more in keeping with Indigenous world-views and that focuses on decolonising and reframing research.
This article offers a reflection on the applicability of reflexivity as a tool for the non-Indigenous researcher to contribute to the decolonising and reframing of research with Indigenous peoples.
However, it will not lead to reframing and decolonising research unless it is integrated with a broader intention to interrogate the foundations on which academia creates and affirms research.
In particular, decolonising and reframing research in ways that meet the needs and expectations of Indigenous peoples.
This type of research is referred to as a decolonising methodology (25), meaning that researchers "research back"--a process whereby the researcher firstly acknowledges that Indigenous peoples have been constructed and represented in negative ways and that power and knowledge are interconnected.
Within the role of an academic researcher, this individual attempts to integrate his/her Indigeneity into the work she/he does and, in the process, is committed to working towards the decolonising embetterment of her/his community; follows Indigenous principles in the research process and in her/his relationships with all relations; aims to increase Indigenous ways of knowing in the academy; and, as an agent of change, struggles to make the academy more responsive and responsible towards Indigenous peoples.
These women reported that a decolonising nationalist movement can bring back women's powerful positions in their nation only if such a movement is inclusive of the different voices and experiences of colonialism and "Native-ness," and issues of gender are fully incorporated into the evolving Oneida's nationalist discourse.
In addition, as an Indigenous academic who is eager to help in decolonising the academy, I plan to use my research in my courses to provide students with the necessary Indigenous knowledge that they often miss.
Further the novel approvingly cites texts by women writers originally written in English and French--including Meena Alexander's Faultlines, which Ngugi has praised in a preface to a later edition of the feminist memoir, in the very Achebean terms he dismisses as fatalistic in Decolonising the Mind, for its use of English to express a local sensibility even if Alexander does not write in Malayalam, the language of her childhood in Asia, or in Arabic, her adopted language in Africa.
Decolonising the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature.
The future of Tokelau; decolonising agendas, 1975-2006.