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grant independence to (a former colony)


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Their voices need to be heard and attended to while various Indigenous communities across Turtle Island/Canada move towards forming a decolonised nation.
I can assure you my French-speaking Africans need your decolonised arguments.
President K R Narayanan called Narayan a doyen of the Indo-Anglican genre, saying: 'English, in his hands, became an Indian language liberating itself to find its tongue in a decolonised cultural space.
The group wants Punjab to be decolonised from Indian rule to form its own parliament and constitution.
Nobody can argue that the middle and upper class people who went from these shores in the 18th and 19th centuries to colonise other parts of the world were necessarily pussycats who treated the native peoples with kindness and respect, but neither did they starve or murder them, which is what has happened since those countries were decolonised.
Of course, reform does not equal progress and it is worth noting that this chimerical system of tradition and democracy held together a country which succumbed to neither fascism nor communism, fought Nazis, delivered the NHS, decolonised without detonating and is now integrating into Europe.
None of the babies affected are actively infected by the organism and are being treated and decolonised successfully.
Perhaps they should behave in a similar fashion in Wales and Scotland, lest they irritate the over-zealous whose minds have been decolonised.