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the action of changing from colonial to independent status

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Autrement dit, les histoires de la decolonisation des pays d'Asie du Sud-Est sont etroitement liees a l'histoire globale de la Guerre Froide.
Ham's account of the decolonisation of Indochina begins with the annihilation of the French at Dien Bien Phu and continues through the departure of the Australians and Americans in 1973.
If they test positive, they will be given a decolonisation kit, including a shampoo and body wash.
The text then examines colonialism after 1918, the differing types of colonial rule adopted by countries such as Britain, Holland or France, the epoch of decolonisation and, finally, the post-colonial world.
One final reflection on this very fine book is the almost complete consensus of the authors that the decolonisation of Australia came about in an 'absence of fit of mind'.
Veracini, Lorenzo 2007 "Settler Colonialism and Decolonisation.
A Since joining the United Nations in March 1981, Zerihoun has worked on special political questions in different capacities and areas, including decolonisation, trusteeship, conflict prevention and resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding.
In post-war France the only constant was change: decolonisation, a growing bureaucracy, increasing mobility as well as migration and new technologies.
A chronicle of Lewis's unfailing efforts to promote racial justice and decolonisation, it provides a history of development economics as seen through the life of one of its most important founders.
Self-determination or decolonisation is not a white man's gift, formula, or perimeter fence to impose, but an indigenous people's road to travel.
Decolonisation has generated histories viewed through the experiences of the colonised, bringing into the frame female as well as male 'emic' perspectives on the past.
I am convinced that circumstances are now conducive for Argentina and the United Kingdom to start, without further delay, a dialogue towards a definitive solution of the sovereignty dispute, as requested by the many resolutions adopted by this General Assembly and the UN Decolonisation Committee," President Menem said.
OSLO, Norway -- The Norwegian pharmaceutical company Lytix Biopharma today announces the successful completion of two Phase I/IIa studies with the topical antimicrobial drug Lytixar(TM) (LTX-109) - one for nasal decolonisation of MRSA / MSSA (methicillin-resistant and methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria and one for treatment of Gram+ skin infections.
Les travaux de la conference europeenne de soutien et de solidarite avec le peuple sahraoui (Eucoco), ouverts vendredi dernier a Madrid, se sont poursuivis hier au niveau des differents ateliers installes pour debattre des thematiques inscrites a l'ordre du jour de cette rencontre annuelle organisee sous le slogan : [beaucoup moins que] La decolonisation au Sahara occidental, garant de la paix et de la stabilite dans la region [beaucoup plus grand que].
In one of your recent articles, you made reference to the fact that some of the key founding provisions for the OAU and its current sibling organisation the African Union (AU) are irrelevant to the current state of Africa's physical and economic decolonisation.