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cut the head of

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In Discoverie of Witchcraft (the first book to betray the juggler's secrets), Reginald Scot offers a detailed explanation of the art of decollation, including an illustration of the contraption needed to decapitate a man and serve his head on a platter.
Two twelfth-century Latin Lives and a fifteenth-century Welsh buchedd are extant and a summary of Gwenfrewy's martyrdom and decollation is also given in the Welsh Life of Beuno, Hystoria o Uuched Beuno (c.
81) The image of Mouth, Beckett says, came to him from a viewing of Caravaggio's Decollation of St.
Reduced expenditure on report printing, decollation and
Although some of the texts quoted by Billington, Chretien's Yvain and Renaut's Galeran de Bretagne, do make much play of St John's day, she includes much else which has the almost inevitable summer setting of medieval narrative, on the grounds that, since the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist almost coincides in some years with Pentecost, and since the Feast of the Decollation of St John is celebrated on 29 August, the whole of a four-month period from May to August can be subsumed under the label `Midsummer'.