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Comparable in cost to a line printer, the 60-page-per-minute 4060 will save users money by reducing the cost of printing and storing forms and eliminating the need for post-processing operations normally associated with line printers, such as bursting and decollating pre-printed forms.
Previously, Parkland's monthly patient statement process was labor intensive -- with steps including ordering and maintaining materials, envelopes and supplies; printing and decollating the statement forms; bursting, trimming, folding and inserting statements into envelopes; and coordinating external vendors for mailing.
Conversely, the typical conventional procedure has involved printing and management of multiple multi-copy forms, secure storage and inventory of forms, retrieval at time of use, manual handling and loading impact printer, printing, post-processing including bursting, decollating and sorting, and finally, distribution of the printed copies.
However, many companies still outsource because they don't want to deal with the labor-intensive bursting, decollating, collating and signature processes associated with preprinted, multi-part check forms.
After checks are printed, they must go through bursting, sorting and decollating and signature machines.