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remove carbon from (an engine)

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He even gave his bike a good decoke with a quick blast round the old scramble course.
1970) reported that the direct railcar method (Figure 18), though the cheapest, has limitations such as, more time is required to decoke into cars than any of the other conventional methods of decoking and more care is required when decoking into cars is to be carried out to avoid spillage.
WHAT IT COSTaTHEN & NOW:1966: Grease and spray 5s Spark plugs5s Basic tyrepounds 2 Oil: Pint1s 3d Secondhand Morris 1000pounds 200 Decoke Engine12s 6d Basic servicepounds 80-pounds 100 Platinum sparking plugspounds 4: 2006: Basic tyre pounds 30-pounds 35 Pint of Synthetic Oilpounds 3 Secondhand Morris 1000pounds 2,000 Decoke engineUp to pounds 300
Typically, a furnace is in the decoke process five to 15 per cent of the time," explains Les Benum, NOVA chemicals furnace specialist.