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the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text

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While most students adequately learn early reading skills (such as phonemic awareness and letter-sound correspondence), others have great difficulty in acquiring such entry level decoding skills (Beck & Juel, 1995).
As I read the book I marked in the margins where Stephenson found opportunities to explain the number theory that underlies modern cryptography; "traffic analysis" (deriving military intelligence from where and when messages are sent and received, without actually decoding them); steganography (hiding secret messages within other, non-secret communications); the electronics of computer monitors (and the security problems created by those monitors); the advantages to Unix-like operating systems compared to Windows or the Mac OS; the theory of monetary systems; and the strategies behind high-tech business litigation.
The newly-granted patent clearly establishes and protects Veritec's proprietary two-dimensional symbology reading and decoding systems and substantially enhances the company's product advantages in several markets such as the LCD panel manufacturing industry and the personal ID, banking and credit security areas of business.
To build the new Diamond Standard VDO family Tensilica used its Xtensa[R] configurable and extensible processor technology to create a dual-processor subsystem block, complete with an integrated DMA engine, that delivers full D1 Main profile decoding and ASP encoding at extremely low clock rates (needing only 172 MHz for full H.
RMI's adoption of DivX decoding technology will provide significant value to OEMs looking to implement a full-featured, high-performance mobile devices that enable consumers to enjoy their DivX format videos.
Neyrinck is releasing their SoundCode for DTS plug-in for Pro Tools that integrates DTS encoding and decoding technologies into the industry-leading digital audio workstation Pro Tools by Digidesign.
ATEME announced today that it has engaged in a wide qualification and interoperability testing effort with available MPEG-4 decoding solutions.
As a pioneer in integrating hardware video decoding for the PC, this agreement is an important step in continuing our support for the latest high definition multimedia content," said Tzumu Lin, Senior Vice President, VIA Technologies, Inc.
With the iVDO Octal's eight-channel decoding and dual quad multiplexers, video can be quickly decoded and directed to its final destination in real time while maintaining a high-quality of resolution and accuracy.
Also provided are operations to facilitate bit stream access and variable-length (Huffman) encoding and decoding.
The PWM2030 MediaProcessor IC expands on the PWM2020's features by adding additional MPEG decoding power in order to handle multiple HD streams.
The UCC also supports the 3D YC separation and chroma decoding requirements for supporting worldwide Analogue TV, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM.
MPEG-4 aacPlus v2 decoder: implements aacPlus v2 decoding which includes support for Parametric Stereo (PS) and SBR and is compliant with the 3GPP specifications for Enhanced aacPlus.
264/AVC HD Decoder on the market capable of decoding all profiles and levels using 8-bit data in real-time on current high-end processors that support Hyper-Threading or dual-core processors
Includes thorough coverage of all the key codes: linear block codes, Hamming, BCH and Reed-Solomon codes, LDPC codes decoding, as well as convolutional, turbo and iterative coding