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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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In classical information theory, objects are represented by bit strings that are self-delimiting or, more generally, whose system is uniquely decodable.
People feared that immature brains could develop hypertrophy when faced with no decodable semantic technological stimulation or with an ongoing technological encounter for many hours.
There are 75 decodable reading books across six structured stages, audio e-books supporting learning, and teacher support materials.
If students have a limited vocabulary on school entry but develop good decoding skills, they may be able to read easier decodable text or vocabulary-controlled text in the early years but a limited vocabulary will eventually impede reading comprehension as text becomes more sophisticated.
Such an approach clearly delineates the decodable from the non-decodable (in the early stages), thus helping the child to adopt a blending and segmenting approach as their default strategy.
Again, Sutan Pangurabaan as author is providing a gyroscope for doing modernity, in terms of how readers might participate in a world of publicly acceptable, decodable speech ways.
Texas--Austin): On the Limitations of 3-query Linear Locally Decodable Codes
Yet when selecting Indian artists for the show, a premium appeared to have been placed on works that carry clearly discernible, decodable markers of the subcontinent.
When Kinbote, carrying Shade's poem, feels that "fireflies were making decodable signals on behalf of stranded spirits" or "a bat was writing a legible tale of torture in the bruised and branded sky" (221), do we admire Nabokov's dexterity or stand warily back from Kinbote's emotive exaggeration--or both?
The content has been leveled to approximately 75% decodable text, 20% sight words, and 5% challenge words.
But his writing is not easily decodable because syntactical and narrative continuity would imply an identity already stabilised by the Oedipus complex and, therefore, an acceptance of loss.
The images themselves, like the illustrations of the colour-saturated study earlier, are fantastic and magical, enjoyable but not understandable or decodable.
The students spelled three types of words: irregular high-frequency words, decodable real words, and decodable pseudowords.
The chapters in part one set the stage for the importance of creating and selecting instructional texts by reviewing and summarizing research related to decodable texts and word repetition, and discussing creating texts for readers in developing countries.