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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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In classical information theory, objects are represented by bit strings that are self-delimiting or, more generally, whose system is uniquely decodable.
Until then, however, teachers should set aside time each day (or at least several times a week) to record children's stories that are not yet decodable.
Is Janet's line decodable as a challenge, as her attempt to call out Philip on his protestations that he never touches the stuff, stuff being one node in a large network of taboo sexual subjects ranging from queer chicken for predatory hawks to Psycho's stuffed birds, metaphorical of its victimized women?
People feared that immature brains could develop hypertrophy when faced with no decodable semantic technological stimulation or with an ongoing technological encounter for many hours.
There are 75 decodable reading books across six structured stages, audio e-books supporting learning, and teacher support materials.
Such an approach clearly delineates the decodable from the non-decodable (in the early stages), thus helping the child to adopt a blending and segmenting approach as their default strategy.
Yet when selecting Indian artists for the show, a premium appeared to have been placed on works that carry clearly discernible, decodable markers of the subcontinent.
When Kinbote, carrying Shade's poem, feels that "fireflies were making decodable signals on behalf of stranded spirits" or "a bat was writing a legible tale of torture in the bruised and branded sky" (221), do we admire Nabokov's dexterity or stand warily back from Kinbote's emotive exaggeration--or both?
The content has been leveled to approximately 75% decodable text, 20% sight words, and 5% challenge words.
In addition, future investigations might incorporate decodable books (books that contain phonetically controlled text) rather than children's literature that frequently incorporates irregular words that do not follow the phonetic code.
The students spelled three types of words: irregular high-frequency words, decodable real words, and decodable pseudowords.
We are in the world of Schoeman's Versluis because this begs the question whether the African representations that are part of this world of supposedly undifferentiated power are decodable in some other form, perhaps a form used by Africans themselves.
Ultimately, the ideal Socialist Realist text "was supposed to have a decodable meaning, a clear referential character, an indisputable representational relation to what was supposed to be reality" (Kalman 66).
Results indicated that students who received direct instruction of letter-sounds in decodable text increased their word reading skills significantly faster than children taught with the other two intervention types.
The program is made up of comprehensive lessons and a reading comprehension center approach delivered via computer-based technology, classroom materials, worksheets, decodable readers, electronic big nooks and a take-home disc, which encourages parental involvement.