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Synonyms for decline

Synonyms for decline

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

a downward slope or distance

Synonyms for decline

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For my mind has a life and travels as if on its Own, There in front of me, staring back are words and phrases That I alone own, Yes, I've been published many times, yet each new occasion Thrills me more than the last, The feeling inside that I most treasure is knowing they Will in memory last, I'm in my declining years now, yet words still tumble down Onto the page, So you pen merchants out there, don't give up, the pleasure of Penning a poem simply grows with age GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.
It is comforting to know our elected trustees ensure we 80-year-olds are well looked after in our declining years.
Sentencing both defendants, Mr Justice Hart added: "The chief mischief was to take Annie Martin's home away from her in her declining years and inflict upon her the deep distress at being excluded from her home and contact with her grandchildren.
In my declining years I run just once a day, but I wonder if I've still a chance to make the London Olympics in 2012.
Only a few years ago Radio 2 was seen as the airwaves' equivalent of an old people's home, a slightly stuffy, antiseptic institution which helped you gently while away your declining years.
Her husband John Bayley, who cared for her in her declining years, was by her side in Oxford, when she died.
These elderly, disabled, legal immigrants, who never worked or contributed a penny to this country, came to America for a free ride in their declining years.
Dorothy retired at Assumption Residence, Petersham to receive the medical care needed in her declining years.
And in her declining years she needed a strong and trusted team behind her more than ever.
Many of these vets, like 98-year-old Arthur Muller - a Navy radio man in World War I - are in their declining years.
Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for the care and concern shown to Irene in her declining years.