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He earnestly endeavoured to prevail with the whole company to go and sup with him: but Blifil and Thwackum absolutely refused; the former saying, there were more reasons than he could then mention, why he must decline this honour; and the latter declaring (perhaps rightly) that it was not proper for a person of his function to be seen at any place in his present condition.
Henerietty, old lady, this is the gentleman that's a going to decline and fall off the Rooshan Empire.
Yes, it's a pie, Wegg,' replied Mr Boffin, with a glance of some little discomfiture at the Decline and Fall.
began Wegg, 'This, Mr Boffin and Lady, is the first chapter of the first wollume of the Decline and Fall off--' here he looked hard at the book, and stopped.
At these rates, affected countries face real population declines, and that fact has been making headlines.
Some market participants have never seen a decline in real estate values or have chosen to forget the declines of the market just 15 years ago.
Abortion rates fell among all teenagers in Texas after a parental notification law for minors took effect in the state at the beginning of 2000, but declines among young women who were subject to the law were greater than declines among those who were not.
homicide rate is very good news for some cities but does not mark a return to the large national crime declines of the 1990s, experts say.
By the year 2009, the majority of the states will have recovered from the declines of the 1980s and 1990s, but will still fall below 1979 levels (WICHE, 1993).
Furthermore, the researchers concluded that the greatest declines were seen in the areas with the most intersexuality: "The observed decline was evident following a period of sustained endocrine disruption, as indicated by a large increase in prevalence of intersex gonads and masculinization of the population," they write.
The Service has advised it intends to disallow theft losses for declines in stock value due to the disclosure of accounting fraud and other misconduct by a corporation's officers and directors; also, it may impose penalties under Sec.
Death rate declines have occurred in: cervical, ovarian and pancreatic cancer among women; oral, pancreatic, laryngeal and lung cancer among men; and, as a result, benefits in terms of declining lung cancer rates have yet to become apparent.
More information on the 2002 SCM market is provided in the Gartner Dataquest Alert "Worldwide SCM Market Declines in 2002.
In other words, the expansion in demand for skilled women outside teac hing is not in itself enough to explain the observed declines in quality, as discussed below.
In some of the North's major centres, population declines peaked at eight per cent.