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Synonyms for decline

Synonyms for decline

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

a downward slope or distance

Synonyms for decline

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scrap dealers' perspectives, markets appear to be in good shape, despite the widely publicized decline in new housing starts and problems with the domestic auto industry.
In an interview, Longman said that "the global trend is for fertility to decline everywhere, in Africa and the Middle East, too.
For the rental housing investor, the decline in conversion potential is offset by rising demand for apartments.
In comparison with the decline among 18-year-olds, those among younger women were 11-20% greater.
WASHINGTON - The first decline in four years in the U.
6% compared to the same month a year ago as the result of a decline in exports and domestic sales.
The 1980s were turbulent times for private and public universities because of a significant decline in enrollment.
To understand the worldwide decline in amphibian populations, many researchers are looking at the current use of industrial compounds that disrupt endocrine function and lead to impaired reproduction.
The decline reverses 11 years of consecutive growth that saw sweep assets rocket from $20 billion to $320 billion.
165(a) solely on account of a decline in stock value when the decline is due to a market fluctuation or to another similar cause.
The overall cancer incidence rate has started to decline.
Despite negative license growth in all of the SCM sub-segments, supply chain execution (SCE) providers continued to shake the industry's steep decline by posting only a slight decline of 3 percent in 2002.
Some abilities decline, some may not change, and others may actually improve, he says.
Timmins experienced an eight per cent decline in population, Sault Ste.