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Synonyms for declension

Synonyms for declension

the inflection of nouns and pronouns and adjectives in Indo-European languages

a class of nouns or pronouns or adjectives in Indo-European languages having the same (or very similar) inflectional forms

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The diagnostic role of metrical structure is confirmed by the correlation between foot structure and stress with class-specific patterns of inflection, as the old third declension partitive plurals 'algusi and 'endisi give way to new second declension forms 'alguseid and 'endiseid.
It was originally comprised of short- and long-stemmed nouns of masculine, feminine and neuter gender, and such state of affairs continued essentially into the Old English times, where the declension appears to be less stable gender-wise.
Many scholars share Peterson's belief that declension is not the best way to organize our interpretation of Puritanism in colonial New England and they will welcome the support The Price of Redemption provides for their views.
Actually, plural markers of genitive in absolute declension are Finnic and Northern Samoyedic *-it(-) (e.
For example, the 2sg infinitive form 'hakka and the 2pl form hakake identify HAKKAMA as a second declension verb and imply the strong supine 'hakkama, and the weak infinitive and past impersonals hakata and hakati, among other forms.
Declension II (the e-type): traditional strong feminines (talu, lar)
Alatyrev's theory) about a special "deictic" declension category in Udmurt; maybe, he has his own, but he does not explain it and, anyway, 2) he confuses the Udmurt possessive suffix of 3rd person singular -ez (and also the accusative suffix -ez) in its function as definiteness marker and so-called "deictic" or contrastive suffix -ez; and 3) he accepts--V.
Instead of celebrating the church's opening, authors of recent studies more often lament a kind of Catholic declension from the certainty and distinctiveness that the ghetto represented.
In addition, Wilson disregards the declension in the Czech original (e.
A prism through which perception has been splintered into a thousand frozen moments - into landscapes of fire and ice, compositions of unbearably stilled life, unrealizable projects, pornography both brutal and despairing, alkaline and cheesy - the installation is a review of the declension of pictorial faith that forced so much of the undistinguished art of the last decade to resort to words.
The focus of both Daniel Cohen and Karen Halttunen upon a declension from Puritan execution sermons raises the question of whether this history of sensationalism that they both develop is American or is it merely New England's experience?
A similar declension can be discerned in Scotland from the days of John Knox, culminating in the Scottish prayer book of 1637.
Wiedemann abandoned in his Voru grammar the general system of declension and conjugation developed by E.
the i-stems lost their separate identity and transferred to the a-declension" (1992: 132), and that the nouns belonging to minor consonantal declensions showed "a strong tendency to transfer to the as-plurals [that is, the a-declension - AB]" (1992: 137), as is shown, for instance,, by forms like faedras 'fathers'.
Conforti, however, aligns himself with historians not convinced that the jeremiads actually indicated spiritual declension.