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Synonyms for declension

Synonyms for declension

the inflection of nouns and pronouns and adjectives in Indo-European languages

a class of nouns or pronouns or adjectives in Indo-European languages having the same (or very similar) inflectional forms

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Jakobson analyses the relationship between Russian declension classes and gender specification in order to show how morphological signs belonging to the inflectional system may have zero content.
Rudiak-Gould's disheartening account of the relationship of the Marshall Islanders' declension narrative to climate change would be useful in undergraduate courses on environmental anthropology, climate change, and contemporary Pacific ethnology.
This latter distinction is unclear in the case of Hogg & Fulk (2011), who, as has been already said, do not provide any factual evidence for the size of each declension.
Note that these nouns are all from the first declension.
I say that this license does not apply to the word Jamahiriya, and add that the School of Basra is essentially focused on declension and grammar taught today, while the Basris study the entire spectrum of grammar, with the exception of some cases.
In the main, though, Stephens offers a somewhat overwrought declension narrative from the progressive social prospects early pentecostalism inherited from the holiness movement to its social conservatism of today.
English being one of the languages of the Germanic group has, over the centuries, dropped the letter "e" off the ends of adjectives and nouns, but in German the letter "e" is still used (and pronounced) when on the ends of words - this being part of the pattern in German of the declension of adjectives and nouns appropriate to the four cases.
The humility motif, he argues, was therefore not a result of Pietist influence; and it was not a mark of spiritual declension.
Jack Michael Rueter's doctoral dissertation "Adnominal Person in the Morphological System of Erzya" provides a morphophonological and semantic analysis of the category of person in a range of parts of speech, establishes the compatibility of case and adnominal-person morphology, and examines the defectivity of the paradigm of possessive declension.
There might have been a fair amount of Latin declension and stuffy algebra, but life in school in the 1950s and 1960s wasn't anywhere near as dull as our children and grandchildren imagine
I unquestionably accepted that a bout of dysentery might hamper our girls' study of introductory trigonometry and Latin declension, so I ran some background checks on a few Chinese restaurants.
Radkau's epilogue, "How to Argue with Environmental History in Politics," suggests that, despite his own pessimism as he discusses globalism, historians should view the history of the environment not necessarily as a narrative of declension but rather as mutable, just as the environment is.
Today, France proposes to Europe its reflection and it wishes that those proposals that may come from the Grenelle de la Mer' could be a source, a support and a national declension of the ambitious orientations initiated by Europe in order to have all its members, maritime countries as well a continental ones, acknowledge that the sea is, today more than yesterday, the future of the earth.
It begins with a very concise description of the available Hittite textual corpus and the cuneiform script before presenting chapters on noun formation and declension, verbal formation and conjugation, pronominal inflection, and the syntax of particles, conjunctions, and clauses.