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She's heard from distraught residents who were told to declaw their cats when a change in management occurred, as well as potential residents who were told apartment communities or Public Housing Authorities required declawing.
Veterinary reports issued earlier in January suggested that the conditions in which animals were kept at Monte Carlo were "filthy" and described the declawing of one lion cub as "a barbaric procedure.
Today, there are some 80 animal law classes being offered across the country, more animal rights activists taking to courtrooms, city laws banning cat declawing, as well as laws against inhumane cages like confining "gestation crates" for breeding pigs.
Declawing is considered unethical by veterinarian organizations in other countries.
surgical method for declawing a cat brought an infringement action
In Alabama it is against the law to exploit a bear by promoting, engaging in or being employed at a bear wrestling match, or by subjecting a bear to surgical alteration of any kind, including, but not limited to, declawing, tooth removal and severing tendons.
03, though that paragraph contains exemptions for animal injuries and death due to hunting, castration, polling, declawing, and other lawful activities.
Spaying, neutering, and declawing have grown more common.
Wheeler & Amir Attaran, Declawing the Vulture Funds: Rehabilitation of a Comity Defense in Sovereign Debt Litigation, 39 STAN.
Budgets cut to the bone, news departments shutting down, not to mention the content: crime, more crime, and "special reports" on worthless car alarms and the pain of declawing cats.
Declawing might be considered if scratching becomes a continual problem.
Declawing, an elective surgery, may or may not offend the sensitivity of individual cat owners.
Physiological stress responses in the edible crab, Cancer pagurus, to the fishery practice of declawing.