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2007) found that wound sizes of manually declawed Cancer pagurus that died were larger than those that survived, suggesting that the extent of wounding is a major factor in crab mortality.
We'll try to build a pride with these declawed lions.
Kwan said that clawed males transferred up to three times more sperm to unreceptive females compared to declawed males.
Freud, consider my cat, a declawed sissy boy Who spends his days
While many people may never eat insects even after they've been beheaded, declawed, and dewinged, they might eat insect flour or sports bars fortified with insect protein.
When police first arrived at her home, her precious declawed Himalayan cat escaped through an open door and the girl was not allowed to look for the cat that she feared would not survive outside.
When the overfed, declawed, Las Vegas casino money recipient Newt Gingrich had some fun over Mitt Romney's ability to speak French, Europeans took notice.
The charred statue on the tanning bed is unexpected and humorous (although the artists' aggressive intention--to assault viewers' eyes and skin with ultraviolet tanning lights--was entirely declawed with confounding florescents).
But when the Vice President and Director of Operations for Flournoy Properties, a division of apartment developer, builder and manager Flournoy Companies, saw that the felines his wife and daughter had convinced him to adopt were clawing at his furniture, he thought the natural move was to have them declawed.
rescued from the alley, pampered and declawed, who sits around ignoring
Pakistan must be declawed and dismembered, insist the neocons.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) may be declawed by upcoming U.
Nancy Bonus dearly loves cats - whether they are declawed like the two she keeps as pets, or still have their claws like those she cares for when they wander into her yard.
Or a lush, tropical forest sold to us as Eden-- Perfect in its promise, air sweetened, lurking beasts Declawed, no signs of scuffle.
She rolls the sparrow around on the ground with her paws, so focused in her play that she is oblivious to the California red-tailed hawk, high on her perch, poising herself, collecting the gravity to swoop down to snatch the poor, declawed kitty to feed her famished chicks.