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Four stone crabs, one from each size class, were not declawed and served as control stone crabs in the experiment.
Kwan said that clawed males transferred up to three times more sperm to unreceptive females compared to declawed males.
But when the Vice President and Director of Operations for Flournoy Properties, a division of apartment developer, builder and manager Flournoy Companies, saw that the felines his wife and daughter had convinced him to adopt were clawing at his furniture, he thought the natural move was to have them declawed.
Pakistan must be declawed and dismembered, insist the neocons.
over, nothing had been gained, and the UTW had been declawed (Murray,
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) may be declawed by upcoming U.
Nancy Bonus dearly loves cats - whether they are declawed like the two she keeps as pets, or still have their claws like those she cares for when they wander into her yard.
Or a lush, tropical forest sold to us as Eden-- Perfect in its promise, air sweetened, lurking beasts Declawed, no signs of scuffle.
6) And so the deal: if a sovereign wealth fund appears to assimilate to the culture of a hypothetical non-sovereign investment entity, if it ceases to exercise its authority as a regulator rather than a participant, then the sovereign might be deemed declawed.
The first of these advances the process by which globally diffuse cultures and identities are "dematerialized, depoliticized, declawed and decorporalized into new, further segmented markets for the new accelerated capital growth" (99).
In contrast, Rosalind Coward denounced it as 'a good label to use in any situation in which girls might be putting themselves forward in new, brash, "unfeminine" ways' (122), complaining that "Girl Power" was, in essence, a declawed and market driven caricature of the more earnestly feminist and political Riot Girl movement.
For one of those mega-accounts, a global hotel company, Braun was the "engineer" behind a reformation of its program that declawed CAT concerns, said the risk management director.
MALNOURISHED, declawed and missing some of her teeth and the tip of her tail, Sabrina the lion was returned to Gaza Zoo yesterday.
The trainer explained that the beast was declawed and toothless and could not hurt anybody.
If he glides, ghosts, and creates - and his pack front up to Leicester's grizzled forwards - the Tiger may yet be declawed.