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In addition, all pet owners were asked if they agreed to such statements as "My pet is a member of my family" (agree/disagree), and "It is okay to declaw a cat" (agree/disagree).
Many people declaw cats to prevent damage to furniture and injury to owners, but there are alternatives: behavior modification (training the cat not to scratch), capping the nails with synthetic covers, or even alternate surgical procedures that sever the tendons involved in flexing the toes (which some believe is less drastic).
I realize that this view may be controversial, and I wish that we never had to declaw any cats, but I also feel that my position is realistic and I hope you can appreciate that while you may not agree with me, I truly have the best interests of all of my feline friends in mind in formulating it.
I know some guides that don't declaw their crabs because they feel it keeps them more natural looking, but as often as I reach into a livewell blindly while keeping my eye on fish, I'm not willing to give the crabs a fighting chance.
Four veterinarians were present to testify before the Los Angeles City Council in favor of a declaw ban on Nov.
If we can declaw an analog [of thalidomide] so that it is nontoxic to the embryos, we will truly have a wonder drug," says Trent D.
Warren and othe have raised hackles about recent efforts to declaw the Financial Stability Oversight Council, which was created to safeguard against systemic risks following the financial crisis.
He is credited with inventing a procedure to humanely declaw cats using laser technology.
Makes one wonder what is wrong with the cat lovers who need to declaw.
More people declaw cats because they are getting scratched, not the furniture.
For people who wish to have their cats declawed, I make the following recommendations: Declaw the front feet only; schedule the surgery when the cat is young, if possible (less than one year old); and avoid several stresses at once.