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In addition, all pet owners were asked if they agreed to such statements as "My pet is a member of my family" (agree/disagree), and "It is okay to declaw a cat" (agree/disagree).
In the meantime, Representative Joe Barton, who heads the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, is pressing forward with plans to declaw the Clean Air Act, long a thorn in the paw of the energy industry, which, aside from passenger cars, is the largest emitter of airborne pollutants in the US.
95, Smart Practice) Soft Paws Nail Caps are safe, adhesive claw caps for kitties that will keep your friend's furniture free from harm without her having to declaw or clip her cat's natural nails.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that immunocompromised pet owners keep their pets indoors, take them for regular checkups, keep vaccinations current, declaw cats, and avoid very young pets, which are more likely to shed enteric organisms in their stool.
I know some guides that don't declaw their crabs because they feel it keeps them more natural looking, but as often as I reach into a livewell blindly while keeping my eye on fish, I'm not willing to give the crabs a fighting chance.
If we can declaw an analog [of thalidomide] so that it is nontoxic to the embryos, we will truly have a wonder drug," says Trent D.
AVMA policy states that veterinarians are obliged to fully educate cat owners regarding the decision to declaw their cat, including providing information about the procedure and its alternatives.
He is credited with inventing a procedure to humanely declaw cats using laser technology.
Maybe the NCAA can now convince itself that if USC is willing to declaw its hot basketball team, it can be trusted to show the same tough love with the mighty football team.
Makes one wonder what is wrong with the cat lovers who need to declaw.