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lift the restriction on and make available again

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In its filing, the Justice Department said it was ''broadly construing'' that order and is declassifying a larger set of documents than the ruling required.
The major trends we're seeing is that there was a massive swelling of the classified world after 9/11 and even though the government is declassifying it a bit faster, they're falling further behind as the swell of classified moves through the system," said Amy Bennett, program associate at Openthegovernment.
The United States has enacted a new war crimes disclosure law aimed at declassifying information on war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army during and before World War II, the bill's chief sponsor said Thursday.
The group will in charge of declassifying all of the war time records and make them available to the public, except those whose disclosure might affect the national security of the U.
In 1995, President Clinton signed an order declassifying all intelligence satellite photography taken before 1972.
and British pressure on other countries to provide their own accounting of their wartime behavior by declassifying archives and answering some questions evoked by the Swiss report: Where and how did Nazi Germany obtain its gold, and what did it do with it?
In issuing this order, I am seeking to bring, the system for classifying, safe-guarding and declassifying national security information into line with our version of American democracy in the post-cold War world," the president stated.
They must also come up with a plan, including target dates, for declassifying within one year at least 15% of the records affected by the order and for subsequent years until automatic declassification kicks in.
A shareholders' resolution at Reebok's 2003 Annual Meeting asked the Board to consider declassifying itself.
Declassifying the files, family members believe, could help solve the mystery of Netaji's disappearance.
Because the Committee feels that declassifying the Board so that each director will ultimately be elected annually is fundamental to good corporate governance, the Committee will vote its shares in favor of the proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation.
The proposal from the Bose family, whose co- signatories include siblings Kumar distortions struggle role of the THE been Minister Multiple appointment November Bose declassifying Centre office There Bengal of she resign Mamata include Surya Bose's younger siblings Madhuri Bose and Chandra Kumar Bose, also asks for distortions in books on India's freedom struggle to be rectified and the of freedom fighters like those the Gadar Party, Rash Behari Bose, Chandrasekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh to be documented.
The entire investment community will be carefully monitoring the fulfillment of this board's many recent promises, the continued progress of the Company's operating and share price performance and whether or not the Company makes the additional governance reforms that Dolphin urged (and in its report, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) supported and encouraged), such as declassifying the board and removing the poison pill.